Transporting your cargo by freight has proven to be the cheapest and most popular way of transport. There is a method/formula that is used to classify shipments. There are many different types of shipments that are classified in Freight class. In order for a transport company to transport your cargo, they first classify your cargo and then give you the price they are going to charge you in order to transport the cargo and this process is known as classification of freight. Shipping can be very costly if you or your company do not understand how freight shipping is calculated. Freight carriers have been given the freedom to develop their own shipping rates which are based on the classification methods of their choosing or use the ones that are already in place or even negotiate the rates with the customers. Many freight transport companies use the classification system that the National Motor Freight Transport Association (NMFTA) uses which were put in place by The Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) to calculate the price they will charge a customer who wants to use their transport services.

Carriers are not required by law to use the rates put in place by this board to classify freight but most of them do because it is very hard for an individual company to develop a good freight classification system that will be accepted by people so that it can be used and so they opt to use the ones that have been put in place by The Commodity Classification Standards Board to classify the freight they are required to transport. It is good to know how to know how the classification of freight is done so that you know how to charge the customers who need your transport services or even help you know the fair rates that you should pay if you are in need of freight transport services. The members of The National Motor Freight Transportation Association (NMFTA) consists of the main stake holders in the transportation business and freight carriers who operate in interstate and foreign commerce. If you receive a freight quote and realize that that freight company has used the classification standards set by the CCSB to determine your freight costs, you can log on to the CCSB website to find out more on how your shipping quote was reached.

All of the business men and women who are involved in the freight business should carry out a research so that they can find out that the NMFTA and also the CCSB have not proposed or suggested any shipping rates for any shipment. All the companies that use the rates that they have put in place are doing so willingly and there has never been a directive that they should use those shipping rates as the official rates that the government recognizes. Before agreeing on shipping costs with a freight company, it is wise to carry out your own research on the the rates so that you get a good deal.

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