Contract research organization provides clinical progressing facilities and services to the companies which deal in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices. It is a kind of service organization which renders support to industries of bio technology and pharmaceutical in the form of outsourced research services on a contract basis.

These organizations appoint Clinical research associate, who is responsible for monitoring the clinical trials. They may be employed as a freelancer with such organization or they may work directly with the supporting company of the clinical trial. These professionals perform various clinical trials which are research events. These pre-qualified associates are required to answer the questions concerning the health care. The role of such professionals in clinical trials is noteworthy.

Educational Qualification of Clinical Research Associate:
There are various certificate programs which provide the required information to these professionals. These programs have a prerequisite which demands the applicants to possess an associate degree or few years experience in the clinical research. Applicants who have graduate certificate programs are required to possess additional education like a bachelor’s degree, certification in any health technology and licensure as a registered nurse. The basic fundamental course includes the execution and planning of various clinical trials, medical terminology, FDA regulations, research ethics, and analyzing the clinical aspects in the spread of diseases and their origin.

After the completion of certification programs, these professionals are continue with their education so that they can remain updated with novel developments made in the medical field by contract research organization.

Function or Job Description:
These professionals work with laboratories and scientists running experimental trials or clinics. These trials analyze the side effects, risks and benefits of any novel or enhanced therapeutic or pharmaceutical products and drugs. These can also include medical devices and prescriptions along with over the counter drugs. The professionals meet and work with research organizations, conduct various researches and ensure that various local and federal regulations are met and followed. They can seek employment with various federal agencies which oversee the medical and pharmaceutical research, National Institutes of Health and various other private companies.

The “Must-Have” Skills:
The skills which the professionals are required to possess are:
• Communication and interaction skills
• Excellent writing skills
• Computer skills
• Technical writing skills
• Multi-task oriented skills
• Organizational skills

Future Prospects for the Professionals:
Contract research organization has various job prospects for a clinical research associate who has the required educational qualification and preferred skills. Besides scrutinizing, analyzing and testing an assortment of novel medical treatments and devices, these professionals can seek employment in various health care settings, bio-technology and pharmaceutical firms, federal agencies who look after the private medical research services. There are approximately 27% job prospects for the professionals who possess master’s degree and this percentage is expected to rise in future with advancement in the medical field and technology. There is no dearth of job prospects for well-qualified professionals.

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Mash Will has been associated with Pharma Clinical AG, which is a well-known Contract Research Organization. It conducts clinical studies for international pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies. Join it as a freelance Clinical Research Associate and build a bright career.