Indeed the proprietary of VoIP technology the cloud PBX system is rigged with loads of unimaginable features that will surely get you going and make your business more convenient and reliable for optimum customer satisfaction which will pave way for superior business development and growth. To give you a quick overview here are some of the most remarkable features that you can easily avail.

Welcome Menu and Sub Menu

A cloud PBX system can be programmed with menu levels making it easier and more convenient for callers to directly get in touched with the concerned department of your company. The sub menu levels further categorizes the call so you can easily identify what the caller needs and address it accordingly. The menu levels can also be incorporated with an automated receptionist and a professional greeting which you can choose from the default settings of your provider of record your own personal greetings.

Recorded Help Messages

Another remarkable feature of cloud PBX system that allows you o record step by step recordings that can help your customer get the latest facts about your services or perhaps record minor troubleshooting procedures which can save you and your staff precious time.

Call queue and hunt group

When all your phones are engaged the system automatically places an incoming call on queue then searches for the next available extension to transfer the call immediately. While on queue you have the option to play interesting trivia, facts about your company or the latest products and services that you offer. A sequential order of receiving calls can also be programmed for more convenient call handling capabilities. The feature is handy for businesses that accommodate high call traffic and lets you maximize staff hours.

Voice prompt notification

This feature is perfect for businesses who wish to integrate multiple businesses in a single telephone line, the system will automatically notify you where the call is originating and what businesses they are calling either from a voice prompt or a display on your IP phones LED screens depending on your preferences.

Follow me

Because of its virtual nature you can easily integrate virtually all your phones as a part of your PBX system as if it is in one confined building. If a call comes through this feature will allow the system to connect you’re the call to your available phone in a sequential order that you choose.

Call screening

Now you can have the luxury to choose whether to pick up the call or not, this feature works by obligating callers to say their name which will be played on your end so you can decide to pick up or not. This can also be programmed to exclude certain phone numbers that you wish in the screening simply by a few press of a button or a call to your service provider.

Virtual phone numbers

VoIP technology allows you to utilize a local number from a certain location where you wish to expand your operations without having a physical office. This means that you can receive and make calls from that area at the cost of a local call.

Email and data integration

You can now maximize the use of your email address, receive and view fax messages and playback voice mail messages directly from your email!

Basic Features

Apart from the above high end features basic call handling features are also developed by the technology. Call transfers, call conference and call forwarding can easily be deployed regardless of the distance between the end points of your cloud PBX system.

Author's Bio: 

David Clarkson is a well versed telecommunication engineer with years of background in the industry, In his experience the demand of structuring internal and external communications for small to large scale businesses was perfectly solved by Cloud PBX technology and has recommended it since then.