Every business is looking for smart solutions to minimize their overhead cost and at this point in time you probably know that your telecommunication platform is one avenue where you can save tons of cash while without compromising your business. Although generally VoIP phones such as a cloud PBX are very cheap to deploy there are businesses that just do not have enough funds to retrofit their telephone system but this doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy VoIP’s cost effective technology.

Ways to minimize start up cost

Start small – Cloud PBX service providers allow increment additions this means that you can add more lines, extensions and features later on so there is no reason to foresee an expansion and start big as your phone system can grow as your business grows. Additionally by starting with the actual number of extensions and lines that you need you will prevent paying for services that you really do not need yet.

Soft phones – One of the most expensive components of a cloud PBX system would be the IP phones, depending on the model a unit can cost from $100 to $400 ideally IP phones are the best configurations because of the HD voice transmission and numerous audio codec that it supports however did you know that you can deploy a cloud PBX without buying even a single IP handset? By using a soft phone you can minimize your start up cost by as much as 50% or more, soft phones are a type of software that can be installed on your computer so calls will be directed to your computer.

There are free and paid soft phones that but generally even if it is paid it is a cheaper configuration than IP handsets. All you need is a good USB headset with noise cancellation feature. Refrain from using analog headset as it is vulnerable to static and interference.
Phones on loan – There are a handful of service providers that loan IP phones that automatically comes with a line and extension, this set up is perfect for companies who are running on a tight budget but is looking to retrofit their phone system, although your monthly fees will be slightly higher the start up cost will be significantly lower and for a couple of hundred bucks you will have a fully functional VoIP system with an IP phone configuration.

There are many offers, freebies and bonuses that are out in the market today, be sure that you shop around first before settling with a service provider, some even offer internet bundles. Never hesitate to discuss all the available options so you can decide wisely which is best for your business.

Author's Bio: 

David Clarkson is a well versed telecommunication engineer with years of background in the industry, In his experience the demand of structuring internal and external communications for small to large scale businesses was perfectly solved by Cloud PBX technology and has recommended it since then.