Most children begin to lose their primary teeth anywhere between the ages of six and seven years. This is a normal child development stage however; every child reacts differently to losing their teeth. Hopefully, your child has had regular dental visits to prevent premature loss of his teeth. Your family dentist probably offers tips for parents about child behavior when they begin to lose their primary teeth.
Before That First Wiggly Tooth

Many children go into an outright panic when they discover that they have a loose tooth. Child behavior experts believe that one of the best tips for parents regarding tooth loss is to prepare the child before they begin to lose their teeth. Being a parent not only means that you need to educate your child, but you need to educate yourself as well.

To prevent the child behavior of panic, you can have your dentist explain the process of tooth loss. He will be happy to talk to your child and let him know that losing their baby teeth is natural. This will be a fine time for your dentist to show your child the best way to brush and floss his teeth to prevent any damage to his adult teeth.
Once You Find That Wiggly Tooth

One child behavior that can occur is panic but the most common child behavior is excitement. If you have followed the tips for parents, you have taught your child that losing their baby teeth is normal and part of growing up. Knowledge usually leads to an excited child behavior when they begin to lose their teeth.

Many children look at losing their baby teeth as a sign that they no longer need the constant care they did beforehand. They will start to become a little more independent. Some tips for parents’ articles suggest that you assist the child with their new found maturity. Let them take on simple yet helpful tasks such as feeding the dog, making their bed or setting the dinner table. This will help them learn responsibility and make them feel like they are growing up.
Uncomfortable Eating

Oftentimes, a loose tooth can make it difficult for a child to eat. Every time that the tooth wiggles while they are biting down, the tooth can cause discomfort. Some parents will need to deal with the child behavior of refusing to eat because of the pain. You can’t allow your child to starve or punish them for not eating their meals.

Most tips for parents’ articles suggest that you simply change the way you cook to accommodate the child’s discomfort until the tooth falls out. Biting into certain things like sandwiches can prove painful to the child. You could substitute a tuna sandwich for macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas. This way the child still gets the protein and vitamins he needs without the discomfort. Remember to keep fruit and vegetable juices in the house for added nutrition as well as soups and stews.
And Then Came the Blood

Children often get frightened when their loose tooth begins to bleed. This reaction is a normal child behavior. Blood nearly always scares children because it isn’t something that happens often. Sure, they experience scrapes and minor cuts but child behavior experts believe that blood coming from inside of the child makes it even scarier for them.
Yanking the Tooth Out

We’ve all seen movies or TV shows where a child’s loose tooth was tied with thread to a doorknob so the tooth could be removed. Please don’t do this. Child behavior experts believe that it is best for the tooth to come out on its own. One of the problems with being a parent is knowing when to let nature take its course. Don’t make fear a normal child behavior for your kid. If the tooth is being very problematic, take a trip to the dentist. One of the best tips for parents is when in doubt, consult a professional.

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