Installing a window air conditioner is the best solution if you cannot afford central air conditioning or just renting. The important thing to remember with this type of air conditioning is that it is installed correctly, especially if you are installing it in an apartment several stories from the ground and you do not want it to fall out of the window. It is not hard to install a window air conditioner if you avoid these common mistakes.


This is a very common mistake because you did not take the time to measure the window where you were going to install it. If you want the unit to operate effectively and efficiently, and not fall out of the window make sure that you get the right size. In regards to the cooling capacity, you should figure twenty British thermal units (BTU’s) for each square foot of a room. Do understand that a bigger window air conditioner not always the best choice because if you have an big window air conditioner for a little room it cannot cool the room faster than a smaller window air conditioner. Having a smaller window air conditioner operating longer is efficiently better than a bigger unit turning off and on. The size of the window air conditioner should fit the window and cool the room.

Distribution of weight

With some window air conditioners, you can just raise the window, glide it into the brackets, and shut the window on top of the air conditioner to hold it in place. This makes the window sash and window hold the window air conditioners weight, which could cause damage to the window, especially with vinyl replacement windows. They can be warped or broken by a weighty window air conditioner. You should some wood outside below the window to build a shelf to help distribute and support the weight of the air conditioner. In an apartment, use one of the lighter air conditioner units that do not require extra support.

Make sure it is level

As an element of the cooling process, a window air conditioner removes water from the room’s air. Condensation collects in the window air conditioner unit and drains from an opening in the rear of the unit. There are built-in channels and gutters that directs water where it needs too when the window air conditioner is level. If you tip it, the water moves away from the correct channels and into the air conditioner where it should not be. When you install your window air conditioner, be sure that it is level so it can drain properly.

Avoiding these window air condition installation mistakes will make installing your unit faster and easier.

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