When you show genuine respect to people, they will most likely respect you and trust you in return. There's no magic with it. It is just the way it is. Respect is the foundation of trust. And most of the times, people will do business with someone who respects them – someone whom they trust. As respect grows, the likelihood of a lasting relationship also grows.

Showing respect should have no exception. It should be done to anyone whether he or she is a business partner, or an employee, or a stranger. I, Ike Madu of Maigrit PLC in the UK, have compiled tips to show respect to someone. Doing these 5 things will help you establish trust and even relationships that last.

Be On Time At All Times

Coming earlier than the schedule makes a good impression. The person you are meeting with will see you as an organized individual. The other person may also feel important as it may appear you have cleared your morning/afternoon for them. Being on time on meetings also means you value the time of the of the person you are meeting with.

Be Attentive

Whenever you are talking to someone, listen to what they say and what they're not saying. As much as possible, put your phone aside and engage in the conversation.

Be Available

Making yourself available round the clock may be a challenge but at least find time for people that matter, especially those that need help and attention. When you missed their calls, go pick up that phone and return their calls. Letting people feel that they are important will make them feel they can turn to you.

Be Supportive and Encouraging

People's confidence will boost when they know they are appreciated. So each time they would tell them their thoughts, thank them and recognize their ideas. You will not only gain their respect. You also encourage them to believe in themselves.

Be Responsible

Take ownership in all your actions. When something doesn't work as you expected, never put the blame to anyone else. The moment you put the blame to someone, whether it really was his fault or not, you have passed on the responsibility to that person. You have lost control over the situation.

Be Sincere

When someone has done a great job, congratulate them to encourage them to do something great more often. And when someone makes a mistake, talk to them directly. Be sincere with how you are feeling about the error and provide constructive feedback.

Author's Bio: 

Ike Madu is an accomplished Director /manager / project coordinator with direct experience in both the recruiting and building of cohesive work teams .Over 25 years of business /financial services experience having held Senior Management and Board level appointments with a variety of Companies throughout his career, spanning Financial services , commodities , general commerce & eWallet’s.