No body can deny the fact that a medico career was the most prized career and is still the most preferred career option for those who are doing intermediate with zoology, botany and chemistry.
This we have to understand that there are not enough medical seats so that all the aspirants get admission in any of the medical colleges.
The competition is fierce. Resources are limited. Seats are few. One a single mark obtained the rank in the pre-medical tests goes down considerably. The biggest sufferer is the one who is average minded who cannot afford to spend on coaching and crash courses.
There is no need to worry if you have natural interest towards biological subjects and are willing to become a doctor determined to lessen human suffering.
Lord Budha Advisor Academy has rolled its sleeves to help you.
You can secure a medical future if you want to do MBBS in China. We can assist you in getting you admitted in top medical colleges in China. Here you can study MBBS which is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) that means the degree acquired by you at the end of course gives the option to you to do practice and serve patients any where in the world.
In case you are interested in returning to India, then too, this MBBS in China can fetch you a government job in any of the medical colleges, faculty jobs or administration jobs related to health department since the course is recognized by Medical Council of India.
It would be unfair if we don’t discuss about the infrastructure and amenities offered by different medical colleges in China. Learned faculties having a wide experience in the field of teaching as well as treatment of complex cases makes MBBS in China, the most sought after profession.
Students pursuing MBBS in China are exposed to full year internship in which they get hands on experience of treating patients. The curriculum in the medical colleges in China is latest and as per international standards competing to universities of UK and US.

The cost of doing MBBS in China is not very high. It is one of the most affordable MBBS programs that are being run by different medical universities of world. In case you are worried about donation fees then too, you will be elated to know that MBBS in China is your passport to bright future without any donation fees.
So lowest fee structure, world class medical amenities, learned faculties and modern syllabus makes this MBBS program the safest bet for your career, in case you are looking for a medical career.
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Author's Bio: 

The author is a graduate in Electronics and Communication from National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (H.P.).
After earning the laurel of communication engineer with flying colors, the author turned into an entrepreneur and established an educational consultancy in Lucknow with the name of Lord Budha Advisor Academy. This academy provides free career counseling and educational consultancy to the students in field of medical, engineering and merchant navy. Through this academy the students can study MBBS abroad especially in Chinese universities. Presently more than 200 students have been guided by him that are doing MBBS from foreign universities.