In order to augment bodily might one goes to the gym and exercises. In order that ulcers are removed surgery is performed. Radiation therapy is given to cancer patients to destroy malignant cells. Dancers and actors do not acquire their skills ‘by chance’. They undergo rigorous training under their respective guides and masters. Those who are part of a circus troupe are well aware of how various animals like the tiger, lion, elephant etc are given painstaking training so as to induce them to perform various feats. Of course outsiders look upon all this as either god’s grace or a boon from heaven. It just does not matter what the layman thinks or believes because it is a die hard reality that special feats and skills are attained only after undergoing intense efforts. In the same way Sadhana or intense spiritual practice means contacting, diving deep, awakening and manifesting the deep layers of ones psyche. Spiritual practices have their own philosophy and science. The science of thought is used daily in our social transactions and it influences our thought process, activities and character. Its result is self fulfillment, self glory, reverence in the world and cooperation from others. And yet the Science of Sadhana is of a much higher stature than this. Thought science can be correlated to the conscious aspect of the psyche. It can be called a ‘social’ intellect. Deeper than this is the unconscious layer and the deepest is higher consciousness. The activities of the mind and intellect fall under the jurisdiction of the conscious mind, habits are under unconscious mind and aspirations in the higher consciousness. The mind and intellect can be swayed in whatever direction we wish by dangling the carrot of gain or instilling the fear of peril. As against this it is no easy task to transform our aspirations and habits which need great efforts akin to plastic surgery where the old face is replaced by a new one. The upper most region of the earth is full of dust, stones etc. Deeper than this layer exist precious ores, minerals, oil, gas etc. Only those who are valiant enough dig these layers or dive deep into the ocean bed attain these precious materials. On the surface of the ocean one finds frivolous foam formation. Those who dive very deep in the ocean find pearls and other precious stones. Only those who fathom the depths of an atom of dust become masters of atomic energy. In the same way when one dives deep into the inner recesses of the psyche/consciousness one becomes the lord of miraculous powers called Ridhi-Sidhi.

The right direction of human advancement can be attained only if his consciousness is uplifted. The more one marches ahead in this direction the more one will be glorified from the social standpoint too. Great men may never have been agriculturists or traders, maybe they have never been wealthy or leaders yet from the viewpoint of world honor and world welfare tasks they have set such wonderful examples that world denizens can never repay this debt. No doubt lackluster and dodgy opportunities appear in the lives of alcoholics, terrorists etc too so as to attain self fulfillment and glory but that which is real and long lasting is attained by truly great men of the world only. It is fairly clear that from the soul standpoint it is possible only for highly advanced men/women to attain supreme greatness. It s not possible to attain this simply because one is materially very wealthy and prosperous (i.e. greatness cannot be bought). One maybe swimming in the ocean of material comforts and wealth yet it pales into insignificance in the presence of grandeur attained due to inner greatness. Only that individual who is capable enough of understanding this goal accepts that the one and only basis of man’s inner and outer success is advancement of ones consciousness/psyche. Such great souls never have to earn wealth for themselves because the world out of sheer reverence showers it on them and hence they become more wealthy than even the biggest billionaire on planet earth. Great tasks of world well being executed by Gautama Budha, Gandhi, Jesus Christ etc never lacked the aid of material wealth. From the consciousness standpoint all round benefits like glory, deep thinking, radiance and grandeur are accrued by only those whose inner personalities are very advanced. These benefits are so awesome that no amount of material wealth can be compared to it. The wealth of rich people can benefit only their body and family members but the grandeur possessed by truly great personalities bestows self fulfillment on all world beings and those golden times too. Deep thinkers always revere this precept and hence persevere intensely to augment the wealth of soul greatness and thus not only glorify themselves but set an example to others too to follow suit.

The inner personality of mankind abounds with divine glory. To the extent one yearns for it to that extent it is attained in a natural manner. Realized saints attain ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and with this divine vision and energy they serve innumerable beings which are not possible for an ordinary human being. It is well known that in this world only that information and those materials required for life’s sustenance are available. Apart from this that which is extraordinary is shrouded in mystery and it can be unfolded only by those who dive deep into their souls. The mysteries of Mother Nature have been unveiled with intense efforts. The more they were unfolded the more material energy and wealth have been attained in this world. It is only after great perseverance that we are today utilizing the benefits of electricity, steam, radio waves, atomic and other forms of energy. So too human consciousness harbors mysteries veils which if unfolded via intense spiritual practice can make that person a saint who possesses great divine energy and powers. Such powers not only benefit such saints but that the entire world blooms with material and spiritual well being.

In ancient times nature’s forces were known but very few people availed its benefits. Ravan, Ahiravan, Hiranyakashipu, Vritrasur etc were akin to scientists who had unearthed the secrets of Mother Nature (Prakriti) and thus availed their benefits. Today’s situation is different. Scientists are unfolding nature’s mysteries and everyone in the world is availing their benefits. The same thing should happen with reference to the mysterious powers of the spiritual arena. Even today very few people benefit from Divine Powers or Sidhis and are called miraculous. This limitation is very much undesirable. The danger of misuse can be witnessed right from a match stick to a high voltage of electric current and yet simply for this reason we do not stop using them. This same principle must be applied to spiritual powers. Instead of keeping them hidden it should be manifested in such a way that every layman too gains benefits. Of course it is another question as to how their misuse can be obstructed. This problem no doubt must be solved but that certainly does not mean that such an infinite storehouse of divine energy be hidden from world and thus disallow the layman from their supreme benefits.

Intense research has been carried out by Parapsychology researchers with reference to the true nature and genuineness of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). They have concluded that man is not just what he ordinarily appears to be. Just like the mysteries of nature the inner cave of man’s soul harbors infinite powers. Man’s body is like a trunk of magical powers. Sometimes when very minor sparks of these manifest, we realize that behind this curtain a mind boggling infinite storehouse of Divine Powers exist. Even today it is not a rare thing to find extraordinary people with brilliant capabilities (art, music, mathematics etc). And yet we remain like a ‘doubting Thomas’. But facts are facts. This is because when thousand times using thousand methods of testing so as to ward off our delusion truth remains the truth we can then not say that all this is false just because the human intellect and modern scientific experimentation cannot ‘prove’ the existence of these Divine Powers.

Today we are living in that era where not only is the existence of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) thought to be irrational but that people the world over have commenced developing immense faith in their potency. And yet one must not remain contented by saying they are mysterious, strange and those that give goose bumps. Especially since there lies great hope in the belief that man on mastering these divine potentials will become even more ‘wealthy and well to do’ when compared to his owning material wealth like property, cars, palatial homes etc. Possibilities of this sort are extremely alluring. In order that every world layman avails them it is most required that these divine secrets be unveiled which have their basis in ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). Not only has modern science given us the utility based applications of electricity but have also themselves unfolded its nature, basis and flow and given its understanding to laymen too. The true description of any fact must encompass both its principle and form. If our widespread aim is making world humanity aware of these ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and their benefits it is imperative that we unearth the all encompassing philosophy and basis of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). It is a fact that in ancient eras Spiritual Science existed in a very advanced state but alas today it lies in a state of total delusion. Even those who in the name of being spiritual seekers flaunt deluded spiritual beliefs are totally unaware of true spiritual principles.

What is required is that not only do people become well versed with ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and their stupendous benefits but that all round knowledge in this arena be unfolded especially as far as its designing, mode of functioning, rise and fall and the dos and don’ts is concerned. Further a firm conclusion should be drawn regarding what is the state of these unknown powers along with their potential? What are the underlying principles in their manifestation and application and what are the methods/means used for the same? In today’s research arena this aspect must be given a lot of importance. The more the mysterious layers of this material cosmos unfolds and made use of optimally more is mankind attaining wealth and might. And yet it is a fact that in comparison to material forces the potency of Divine Powers that reside in human consciousness is infinitely more both qualitatively and quantitatively. Since scientific research is the in thing today why limit this endeavor to the material realm only? Why should we refrain from entering the field of consciousness that encompasses so many wonderful mysteries? These conscious forces are not only n-fold more powerful than material forces unearthed so far but that the former can give us supreme benefits both in the material and spiritual realm. This realm has been ignored simply because modern material science fails to accept its authenticity. But today the circumstances have changed a fair bit. Facts have proved that man is not a living being but an unlimited powerhouse of secret potentials. Hence it becomes imperative that well planned research be undertaken so as to unveil these mysterious conscious powers. Success in this endeavor doubtlessly will make man’s stature and glory supreme since new portals will open up and substratum will be laid down.

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