Cotton bags are trendy and also matches our taste because they come in various shapes, sizes, an colours. We can also customize them and carry them anywhere we want. They are durable and reusable. Thus, these cotton bags are eco-friendly. A product which can be reused multiple times is the best ecological product a reusing results in monitoring usage of resources and controlling excessive utilisation of non-renewable resources. Cotton bags are lighter and have tremendous strength. Cotton bags can be washed are soft in texture. These bags are indirectly helping in reducing deforestation unlike paper bags. Even plastic bags are hazardous in many ways like, they are pollutants of soil and water as they cannot be disposed off and are non-biodegradable in nature. Thus, they remain in our environment not just to pollute it but they also have several negative health implications over animals and humans. Thus, it is recommended that we discard plastic materials and use ecological products which are not contaminating the environment.
Using cotton bags ensures that we are being ecological. Being ecological is a choice not a constraint or burden but it is necessary for us to understand environment and how it impacts our lives. Cotton bags are made from cotton fibre, which is 100% natural and biodegradable. Cotton bags are good promotional bags as they can be printed. Cotton bags can be used for packing and shopping. They are mostly used when we need to carry some light weight goods or items as the fabric is smooth and light. These attractive cotton bags are not expensive are easily available. They are eye-catchy and do not need any kind of maintenance. Cotton bags do not require a lot of storage space. Thus, storing them will not be a problem. Cotton bags are highly profitable as consumers are fond of these trendy and handy cotton bags as they are not just attractive but they are also conveying a message of adopting an eco-friendly style.
Greenhandle, an ideal eco-packaging industry is working towards creating awareness related to environment conservation by introducing various ecological products like cotton bags. The weight carrying capacity of these cotton bags ranges from 120 grams to 3 kilograms. These bags are available in different colours and can be customised accordingly. Greenhandle is also offering discounts on these cotton bags. It is essential to be responsible towards our environment because we are dependent on nature. Thus, nature defines our existence and our evolution is also a part of nature’s pattern of development. We need to eliminate plastics without fail as plastics are not eco-friendly. Cotton bags are sustainable whereas plastic bags are not just pollutants but they are also responsible for killing animals and humans. Cost of recycling these plastic bags are consuming a lot of water, energy, and oil. Thus, plastic bags should not be used to ensure efficient use of resources. Even cost of recycling is too high.

Using cotton bags can ,make our lives easier and we need to use more sustainable options to conserve environment.

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Hello everyone, My name is Anam khan. I love to write articles about Ecological products and Environmental Issues. I carry a passion of sharing my knowledge on how we can start using Eco-Friendly Products.