A country kitchen design should exude nostalgia and warmth so you need to be sure that you use cabinets, flooring, and lighting that give you the feel of a rustic farmhouse.


The color scheme of the kitchen design is the most important aspect. You should choose colors that are bold, earthy, and bright such as tan, orange, brown, rust, fawn, etc. For the ceilings and walls, you can use vibrant colors like verdant green, purple, tomato red, and cobalt blue. If you do not want such bright vibrant colors, you could go for soft soothing ocean colors like turquoise blue and sea green. Any of the colors can be combined with countertops and cabinets in beige, cream, or ivory. Just make sure that before you start painting that you make sure that the colors you choose go together and do not clash. Two colors that you should strictly avoid in a country kitchen design are black and gray. If you want to take the time and do something different instead of painting the walls, you could wallpaper in a floral motif or bright stripes to give the room the right ambiance and rustic country look.


The country kitchen design should have floors that are eco-friendly and natural to help give the room an airy, open feeling. The best flooring is ones that are a soft color. You can also install natural stone tiles that come in a variety of finishes and textures to give a laid-back country feeling to the room. You could also use an area rug on the flooring. It would add a nice touch to the décor overall.

Window treatments

The right window treatment for your country kitchen design would be charming half curtains in a gingham pattern with an edging of scalloped lace. If gingham is not your style then you can choose a bright floral pattern in blue or yellow. You can decorate the kitchen with a pot of fresh flowers like peonies or daisies. Outside the windowsill, you could have some window boxes with fresh herbs or flowers.

Furniture and storage

Your kitchen cabinets should be in a muted color to coordinate with the bright colors of the walls. If your budget allows it, get good wooden cabinets in a light color like walnut or wood. The tables, shelves, and chairs should match the cabinets. Most of the cabinets in the older farmhouses were done in white because it made the kitchen appear more spacious. If you like, you could purchase unpainted wood cabinets and paint them white and use colorful knobs or even paint a border around the edge in small flowers or the color of your walls of you feel white is too bland.

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