If you want to start a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Arizona, there are fairly a few steps you need to undergo in order for your group to earn the status of a 501c3 organization. To earn a 501c3 status, you need to do the actions below.

The first thing your group needs to complete is file articles of incorporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission. To be able to start with this procedure, you need to first download form CF0041 from the website of the Corporate Commission and fill it out. Once this form has been completed, you will need to send it along with the necessary requirements to the Corporations Division of Arizona Corporate Commission. You are able to find their address on their website. When submitting the needs, don't forget to consist of in the filing fee of $40.

Following sending out the articles of incorporation along with other important documents, the second step is check if your articles are already filed using the State of Arizona. As soon as filed, you will need to secure a tax identification number for your 501c3 nonprofit group. You are able to acquire your tax identification number by calling IRS.

When you have already secured a tax identification number for your organization, the third step is completing and submitting the form 1023 to the IRS. This form is very long and aims to seek essential pieces of info concerning the objective and aspirations of your charity, its activities, and how it operates. Although you don't truly need to seek the assist of an lawyer or accountant to assist with filling out this form properly, some organizations choose to seek expert help to make sure they are completing and answering the form according to the standards of IRS. When submitting the form 1023 to IRS, a fee of $850 needs to be settled. As soon as the form has been submitted, the only thing you need to complete is wait for the IRS Determination Letter. The Determination Letter will contain IRS’s choice if your charity group has been accepted for the 501c3 nonprofit status or not. To be sure, you are able to also call the Arizona Department of Revenue to figure out if your charity has been categorized as a tax exempt charity.

The final step you will need to undergo, should you be soliciting donations from in Arizona, is to register your charity using the Office of Secretary of the State of Arizona. The registration is simple, you just need to file a Charitable Registration Form and complete it. If you cannot find this form in their web site, get in touch with the Charities Division on this number 602- 542- 6187. In comparison with other states, applying for a 501c3 status in Arizona is easy. Just follow the actions above for a hassle free application. If you find the steps above too complicated, even if it is not, seeking the assist of a professional is recommended. Google should have the ability to generate a list of consultants specializing in starting a nonprofit organization in Arizona. Though there fees might be fairly costly, they are able to certainly assist your organization earn a 501c3 nonprofit status.

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