Comprehending the legal issues is mostly a daunting task for common individuals. It includes a great deal of conventions, principles, methodologies, guidelines and rules to be taken care of. This is where the importance of a good lawyer lies in the society. Ranging from generic legal issues; accidents, marriage & divorce, insurance claims to complex financial areas; estate planning, wills & trusts, probate settlement, there are endless areas of law where we need specialized assistance. However, not a single lawyer will be experienced in all sections of law.

Different lawyers are specialized in different areas of law in Hawaii. Thus, it requires a detailed research and an analytical mindset to choose the right attorney for your case.

Going for the initial consultation session with a lawyer requires you to consider a set of significant aspects. You must prepare a question book which will include all types of relevant queries related to the potential lawyer’s credential as well as the focal point of your case. Adhering the same, following here are some of the crucial questions to ask your potential Hawaii Lawyer before making the right decision.

For how long have you been practicing?

The first and foremost is to know about the attorney’s total years of practice and level of expertise thereby, understanding whether he is a beginner or veteran attorney. Though even a fresh law graduate can have enough competence level to solve your case, but trusting a novice to deal with legal issues might leave you behind with certain risks. On the contrary, an attorney with the ideal background can help you to save both of your money and time and deliver you the best results as well. You must ask follow-up questions to your lawyer on similar cases to check his level of in-depth knowledge about the subject matter.

Have you even been accused of or sanctioned for misconduct?

Though it might be a bit harsh to ask this question, but, it is important for you to check that he performs with an approachable and disciplined behaviour and maintain a clean record. Try to be as polite as possible and ask whether he has ever been accused of violating any type of his professional responsibilities. Though you can get this information available on the website of legal licensing authority of the state however, asking this question to him is more effective indeed.

What can be the possible outcome of my case?

Attorneys can never guarantee any type of specific result for your case since they are not fortune tellers. However, with years of experience and industry insights, a Hawaii lawyer can provide you with an honest preliminary assessment of the outcome of your case.

How will I communicate with you and know about the case’s progress?

You must ensure that the potential lawyer is cooperative enough such that you can maintain a sound and transparent relationship with him. Ask him about the possible communication modes to discuss with him about the case and stay updated about the case’s progress.

Apart from the aforesaid, there are several questions relating to his fees, clientele base, work philosophy and much more. Though, answers to your questions might vary widely, however, keep note of the fact that nothing can be taken as a guarantee. These questions will actually act as generic knowledge of the lawyer’s skill-level and experience and help you to decide whether he will be the right fit for you.

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Mr. Sarbasis Mondal is a voracious reader and passionate writer who has written several articles on law and guides readers about the tips to know before hiring a good Hawaii lawyer.