Golf is a tough sport. It requires immense stamina, power and concentration. An incorrect or inadequate golf club will only add woes to your existing ones. Every golfer has unique swing and body characteristics. Standard golf clubs are good; there are players who find them perfect. But there are others who feel uncomfortable playing with standard golf clubs. The reasons are many. So what is the solution for people from the latter category?

The answer is Custom Golf Clubs.

Before going out to buy custom club you should know your handicap or skill level, shoe size, the club you use for various shots, height, weight and other characteristics.

Once the above details are known, the company then develops a club based on those parameters. The shaft, grip and club head are chosen according to the said parameters.

Golfers are known to be fussy about their equipments, especially professionals who like to do everything on their own. A golf grip kit therefore becomes important equipment.

Golf Grip Kits contain several items. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Double sided tape. It forms an integral part of this kit. It prevents grips from slipping or turning.

2. Vise clamps.

3. Grips for various types of clubs.

4. Maintenance manuals and CD’s.

Golf Shaftsare the next crucial component of any golf club. Today, shafts are typically made from steel or graphite material. Steel shafts are less expensive. They are durable and last much longer than graphite shafts. Steel clubs are used by people who are physically strong and need more control over the swing. Steel shafts flex less and therefore provide better accuracy.

On the other hand graphite shafts are light weight, flex more but provide longer swings and allow golfers to play long distance shots with great ease. The biggest advantage with graphite shaft is the low reverberation after hitting the ball. It produces less vibration and shock.

Shaft flex has 5 ratings; extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior and ladies. Choose the one that suits you.

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