A dance teacher career is demanding but exciting field of endeavor. The working hours may at times be crazy. There will be times that you go home late. But your efforts will be worth it. Dance teachers can work either individually or in groups. Their job consists mainly of preparing the dance lessons and teaching students how to execute them properly. But the job does not end there. Teachers also work as choreographers, record-keepers, first aid provider and a host of other functions.
A dance teacher career entails having a lot of patience and persistence. A teacher cannot just give up on her students. She has to teach them the techniques step-by-step until they are able to master it. Teachers have to help their students develop their skills. They have to encourage them to learn and continue learning. Knowledge does not stop with classroom instruction. The teacher has to know a number of dance styles. They may specialize in one dance but it is always beneficial to be able to master several such as salsa, meringue, mambo and other Latin or ballroom dances. The teacher should be able to provide students with lessons that test and improve their skills without causing them injuries. It is also important for the instructor to know how to administer first aid in cases of strain or injuries while doing dance routines. First aid can prevent the injury from worsening before the doctor can look into it. Instructors of public schools usually handle other subjects not just dancing. They also overlook other roles such as grading written exams and keeping records. Most instructors work within school hours. But some do have evening classes especially those in private schools. Dance studios for instance provide classes morning, noon and nighttime. The schedule is intended to accommodate dancers who have day jobs.
The environment can vary and may include classrooms, halls and dance studios. Classes can sometimes be noisy and facilities can be basic.
Teachers may also be called in to work on weekends for their classes or when they present a dance performance. They work in classrooms, dance studios, halls, gymnasium and other facilities. Some dance teacher work as freelance, full-time, studio owners, self-employed or part-time in various schools. They can work in choreography or providing dance therapy. A skillful dance teacher should not only teach students how to dance but should also be able to bring out the best in them. It is important that he or she is passionate about dancing. This is vital since it is easy to impart knowledge and skills in something you truly care about. Also, passion brings out the best in you. You aim to give your best in every practice or performance. Dance instruction requires the use of warm-up before any dance routines. Stretching and walking can warm-up the muscles and prepare the body for the complex dance moves. Dancing also requires the perfecting techniques such as positions, spinning, stepping, jumping and arm extensions. As the students master the techniques, instructors provide students with various dance styles so they can combine the techniques learn and come up with a complete dance routine. Students will perform these routines at the end of the class to demonstrate their dancing skills. A dance teacher career is a very noble work. They teach students for self-enrichment purposes. Perhaps, the greatest satisfaction of working as dance instructor is not contained within the walls of a dance class. It is in seeing your students make it on their own in the real world. How the students practice what you teach them inside the classroom is what matters in the end.

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