Muscle testing is an empowering energy technique that most anyone can use to better their health. Muscle testing functions as a subconscious lie-detector test and is used by challenging any muscle of the body. Over the years I have answered numerous questions about muscle testing, how it is used, how to make it more accurate, how people misuse it, and what things to pay attention to. This is the culmination of all those questions. Before using muscle testing, meditate or pray to become a clear channel and leave your ego out of the answers. Intention is everything in the world of healing.

You obtain better answers from your muscle testing by asking better questions. For example: Do I have permission to ask this question? Is this something I should let go of or participate in? Can I share this information? Am I asking the right question? Is there anything else I should be asking? And, will this be reasonable and in alignment with my morals and values?

Always ask yes or no questions—be clear and present when asking. Ask only one question at a time.

In Healing Work I use muscle testing for: Doing body scans for disrupted energy, testing for vanishing twins, to determine which disease is most plausible from a list of rule outs, for doing chiropractic adjustments on animals or figuring out where to place spot magnets, to determine the best treatments or healers to use, for emotional clearing work, to ask which flower essences, herbs, supplement, crystal and foods to combine for relaxation, immune building, serenity, and health. Muscle testing can also be used to test amounts.

Using Muscle Testing for Allergy testing: It’s useful for asking what side effects or benefits are being caused by a particular drug and in testing which flower, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, trees, molds and mildews or pollens you are allergic to.

Some fun and different ways to use muscle testing: Use it to test who is visiting from the other side, for backtracking the core cause of death, to choose which clothes to wear for best health or to look the best in an interview, and to pick the perfect gift or card for someone you love.

For Organizing Things: If goals and accomplishing tasks are important to you, muscle testing can be most helpful in prioritizing tasks and in determining how much time to spend on each item.

For Pet Health: Muscle testing can be used to communication with your animals. Ask your pet which foods they like and which will help their health, which name they would like to be called, or if they would like a companion. In my veterinary practice I use muscle testing to determine what the best antibiotic is to send home and for determining which foods to use in creating a personalized raw food diet.

I use muscle testing for nutrition and dieting by testing which emotions trigger the cravings for certain foods, to test which ingredients a person is allergic to and for asking the amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that would be best for the body.

For Spiritual Issues, muscle testing is used to: test the number of past lives or the number of lifetimes you have spent with someone, to track past lives, to ask whether someone is in your soul-pod, in tracking down spiritual lessons to focus on with a person and for tapping into the Akashic records.

In Helping with Environmental Issues, it can be used for: finding and clearing energy vortexes in a house, dowsing to find water, minerals, and the best places to build.

For learning purposes, muscle testing can be used to test the percent truth of a book or chapter, to test the truthfulness of a newspaper article, theory, or paper. I often use muscle testing to determine which books to purchase, or which topics to study next.

In Plant Healing muscle testing can be used to communicate with your yard, your garden and individual plants. Yes, plants talk too. I use it to figure out where to plant individual plants and to ask where the plant wants to be and if it is happy where it’s at, when to water, or what a plant needs to be healthier (more sun, water, soil, micronutrients, fertilizer, drafts, etc.)

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Dr. Denice Moffat is a practicing naturopath, medical intuitive, and veterinarian working on the family unit (which includes humans and animals) through her phone consultation practice established in 1995. She has a content-rich website at and free monthly newsletter. For many other healing techniques you can do at home, see Dr. Moffat's techniques page at:

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