Losing teeth at the older age are a natural process and therefore you have seen lots of older people having temporary dentures fixed in their mouth. But, what about the persons who lose their teeth at an early age either due to an accident or due to any oral problem. As these people have who life in front of them, they cannot survive with temporary dentures, interestingly now days going through the technical developments across the dental treatment have undergone vast changes. Today with the help of dental implantation people, whether they are young or old can enjoy the pleasure of having original teeth, which facilitate them to enjoy normal life as they had been before losing their birth born teeth.

What is dental implant: Losing teeth due to any reason is enough to deprive you not only for the pleasure of having the crown of mirror cracking smile, but also from the privilege of enjoying the taste of your favorite food. In simple words it can be said that if lost a teeth you whole life gets adversely affected.

A dental implant may be defined as the process of fixing the medicated tooth over the jaw bone and supported by prosthesis. After the dental implants the formation of bone starts taking place within the surrounded area of the implant, thus giving the stability to the implanted tooth.

Process of Dental Implantation:

The process of dental implants is accomplished is the three step process and is accomplished after the first step finishes within the specified period of time.

Step First: During this step the dental plate flush is studded in the root of the tooth. The main objective of this dental plate flush is to make the root capable of bearing the force that the patient has to face during the process of implantation. During the implantation of teeth some portion of the gum is removed during the surgery. The process of surgery is known as ‘Osseointegrate’.

Step Second: This step is followed after the successful accomplishment of first step, here the dentist examines the condition of dental plate flush that whether it has been placed successfully over the gum or not. If the plate is has been placed properly, the process of ‘abutment’ is done, which is conducted with the help of drilling machine for making the sufficient place for implanting the artificial teeth.

It would be interested to know that in most of the cases, both the steps are performed at the same time within the short span of time. This, however depends upon the decision of the dentist that whether the jaw or bone of the patient is capable of healing instantly or not.

Step Third: This is the final step of dental implants which involves towards the placement of teeth at the place determined for implantation.

Benefits of Dental Implant: The treatment of dental implant has emerged as the boon for all persons, whether they are old or young in enjoying the pleasure of having teeth similar to natural teeth.

1. There are lots of people who consider that filling the gap between their teeth could help them in enjoying the pleasure of natural teeth. But their belief comes to an end when, after a few years the material used for filling the gap starts losing its place. With the help of dental implant they can get rid of this problem for throughout their life and enjoy a beautiful smile without any concern.

2. The tooth implanted doesn’t require any specific maintenance alike the dentures, the dental implants can be cleaned with normal brush.

3. Implanting tooth also facilitates the patient to enjoy the taste of his favorite food without any concern of tooth breaking while eating. Whereas the same is not possible with dentures.

4. One more interesting feature of dental implant is that, it also offers you the privilege of enjoying your original smile without any hesitation which you could not have enjoyed with dentures.

In simple words it can be said that despite of being an artificial teeth the treatment of dental implant offers you the facility of enjoying the pleasure of having original teeth.

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