When you put your hands around your eyes you narrow your view. When in a room first you could see the whole room and now only part of it. Although the room didn’t change your perception of the room did. It is the same with your view on life. When your outlook on life is narrow this has nothing to do with life and only indicates there are some ‘hands narrowing your view’.

Shuem makes use of widened states of consciousness to widen this view again. Making use of the shamanic tradition emotional and psychological problems can be solved and harmony and happiness can shine through.

When life is measured in an emotional scale, it is ecstasy is on one end of the scale while depression is on the other. In depression your view is very narrow and you are filled with problematic thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings tell you there is only a terrible way to go and no other options exist. However when you think of the hands around the eyes you could say these thoughts and feelings are only these hands that narrow your view.

Ecstasy is the other end of the scale. In ecstasy all problems dissolve. The hands are gone and everything is possible and fully open. The possibilities were also there when you were depressed, but because of your view you couldn’t see them or would even perceive them as a hindrance.

A shaman is he who knows the archaic techniques of ecstasy and uses these for healing. In ecstasy all problems dissolve and in shamanic healing this ecstasy is what broadens your view again. The wider your view the more possibilities you have and new things come your way.

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Shuem Healing is a shamanic approach to healing and spirituality that is very effective and practical in modern life. All healings, teachings and meditations are given by Stefan, a shaman who has given many thousands of healings and hundreds of lessons.