QuickBooks is indisputably one of best accounting software utilized by business owners and professional accountants. But accounting alone cannot run entire business. There are various other departments which play substantial role when it comes to business development. Departments like inventory, document management, etc also affect business productivity and expansion.

To improve the performance of these departments, business owners use QuickBooks add-on software. QuickBooks add-ons are also business specific software like QuickBooks accounting software. Some of the most profitable QuickBooks add-ons are as follows: -

• Fishbowl Inventory,

• Ebridge software,

• Commtrack,

• Sourcelink,

• Dblinkup.

These QuickBooks add-ons can be easily integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. They amplify the output of QuickBooks. Each software performs specific function, for example Fishbowl inventory controls and manages inventory department, and Sourcelink is used for proficient document management and so on. Deploying one or more than one QuickBooks add-ons need hardware, infrastructure and software maintenance. Entire process requires huge amount of time, investments, and effort. This is where small and medium sized organizations face difficulty. To get rid of such hurdles users select application hosting services.

Application hosting service provider deals with software and infrastructure maintenance. With cloud hosting services you can further promote the potential of QuickBooks add-ons which will eventually help you in using your accounting software fluently. Cloud computing service providers or Application Hosting vendor put your QuickBooks add-on software on cloud and then you can easily store and run your software over the internet. With hosted application, you can access your software from any place and at any time without difficulty. Users can access their data beyond time or location constraint. This feature allows users to work from their preferred location and at suitable time.

QuickBooks add-on hosting service provider also offers data accessibility for multiple authenticated users. It perks up association between team workers and different departments. Merger of anytime anywhere multiuser access to data raises the efficiency of users to a significant extent. To maintain the security of data, QuickBooks add-ons hosting service provider limits access on the basis of login ID and password. Only authenticated users get access to data. Data accessibility can be controlled on designation basis as well. Modified data accessibility makes it brilliantly convenient for users to work.

Apart from that, QuickBooks add-on on cloud provides scalability of IT resources so that one can simply raise the ability of their application without the obligation of any software or hardware modification. This makes your work much simpler as you do not have to set up the IT infrastructure yourself. All the maintenance and setup errands are taken care by application hosting vendors only.

For online security of data, application host uses advance security measures like robust firewalls, anti spyware, 128 bit data encryption, SQL injection, etc. User’s data is stored in number of data centers located at different regions free from natural calamities. Data is secured in technically advance world class data centers. These data centers are well equipped with modern tools and facilities like surveillance cameras, extremely sensitive smoke detectors, 24/7 power backup, intrusion detection system, etc. In case of any difficulty like data loss or damage, user can simply retrieve data from host’s server.

Cloud hosting service provider also offers complimentary technical support service to their clients. In case of any issue or problem users can contact technical support department via live chat, toll free phone, email or any other user friendly method. Many good application hosting service providers offer discount for providing hosting services for QuickBooks add-on along with QuickBooks.

Author's Bio: 

Raksha Rusia is an IT analyst at Real Time Data Services which is a leading Cloud computing and Application Hosting company. The company specializes in hosting many software including accounting software (QuickBooks, Peachtree), Quickbooks Add ons (eBridge, SourceLink, Fishbowl Inventory Hosting), Windows Server, MS SQL Server, Lacerte Tax software, CRM software (ACT!), MS Project, MS office, MS office servers, and also hosts many other software.