Diet and Exercise can curb chronic diseases suggests an online medical journal article
Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives today. Even for the simplest reasons we have to depend on it. This in turn has resulted in making people more dependent on at the same time reducing the amount of physical activity that they get. This dependency and lack of exercise has thus begun to compromise on the dietary habits that they have. This alarming trend is steadily on the rise and it is becoming more of an epidemic. For this reason medical practitioners from across the world are closely looking at the relationship of all these elements.
In an online medical journal an article was published that dealt with this problem in particular. It took a closer look at the relationship shared between weight, food and exercise as well as diseases related to obesity. The premise of this study was to evaluate the effect that insufficient exercise had on dietary factors which have led to the growth in this number of people suffering from these chronic diseases. The main objective was to ascertain whether a positive relationship could be established and if it was so, then what measures could be taken in order to curb it.
The first observation that was made in early on in the course of the study was the fact that the main indicator that a person was likely to get type 2 diabetes was due to insulin resistance. This was in fact a result of the lack of physical exercise and the substantial intake of food that was energy dense. Another observation was made that this healthy diet along with exercise could be attributed as a major reason towards weight loss. It was also seen that the reduced intake of insulin did help in the reduction of the fat mass present in the abdominal region.
This medical journal article also showed that the intake of a healthy diet would help modulate energetic foods that are their macronutrient composition. It is because they have a positive effect on curbing the risk of getting diabetes as well as the sensitivity towards it. Besides that it was also seen that weight loss and maintaining weight on a long term basis could be a difficult task that required a proper diet and discipline to follow it through. The main conclusion that was drawn from this study was that weight could in fact be regulated by the use of various methods and techniques. Besides that you would have to focus on minimizing your risk of becoming diabetic and maintain the glucose metabolism as this is the key to one’s health.
This study goes to show that we do in fact have the key to our health. Even though technology has become an integral part of our lives it can’t by any means replace the need for physical exercise. Therefore, the key to leading a healthy life would be to get adequate exercise and introduce a healthy diet that would help ward off such chronic diseases as proved by the article published in the online medical journal

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