Leadership calls for a lot of commitment and strategy if one is to make a positive impact on the targeted group of people. There are various leadership styles which are unique to define and understand the different kinds of leadership traits in famous leaders. The styles are composed of varying traits which are meant to influence an organizations entire culture. The leadership style one chooses to use can work provided it is used in the right way. The most loved and respected leaders are those whose leadership styles which are strong but still fair to the people involved. There are leaders whose method of leading the people end up intimidating them thereby creating much tension in the work place which is not beneficial for the development of the organization in question.

Democratic style of leadership
Also known as participative style of leadership, democratic style remains to be the most popular of all styles available to leaders. In this style, you as the leader involve a number of employees in the process of decision making within the organization. Even though you are still responsible in making the last decision, the involvement of employees leaves everyone feeling happy and respect from them is gained.

This style allows all ideas to be presented thereby making it easy to come up with the best decision that will work for the good of the entire organization. You end up proving to employees that you are also human and do not know everything.

Authoritarian style of leadership
This style of leadership is also referred to as autocratic and mainly focuses on you as the leader and not your followers. In this style everything is done according to what you want and does not involve the advice or ideas of any other party. The style is not popular especially among followers as they end up feeling bossed. You can use this style when you are sure that all employees have the right motivation and that you have all information you might need in solving an existing problem.

Leaders who are authoritative create unnecessary tension within the workplace and are not popular among employees. You can however use the style without abusing the powers you have as a leader.

The free reign
In this style, employees get all the freedom to make important decisions although the leader has to approve of them in the end. This is mostly used by leaders who trust the analyzing and determining power of the followers although he or she gets to delegate tasks and priorities.
By using this style you will prove that you have confidence in your employees making the workplace pleasant thereby increasing the output.

Bureaucratic style of leadership
In this style employees work within set procedures and rules meaning there is little room to choose how they would like to work. It is mostly meant to cut costs and have tasks performed in a manner that is prescribed. The leader mostly holds the control over all employees and things are done to the book. While there are people who prefer this style, most employees end up feeling controlled and less motivated.

When scrutinizing famous leaders, it is very important to understand how they take advantage of laws of attraction in their leadership activities.

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