In a medical laboratory, several tests are conducted on clinical specimens for getting information on the health condition of a patient. In order to help in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions different types of lab equipment are used. Scientists used different lab equipment to conduct experiments, collect data and take measurements. This information helps the medical laboratory scientist to analyze the medical state of a patient and thus proper remedies can be taken. Hospital and physician office laboratories conduct most of the tests and a few of them are conducted in independent laboratories.

Commonly Used Lab Equipment

Blood gas analyzers: Blood gas analyzer is an instrument to measure the partial pressures of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide in blood. It is also used to know the acidity of blood. Blood gas reagents are used to determine the amount of gases and also the pH level in blood.

Microscopes: Microscopes play an important part in a medical laboratory. There are different types of microscopes like fluorescence microscopes, laboratory microscopes, stereo inspection microscopes and educational microscopes.

Balances: Balances are used for weighing applications in a laboratory. Balances are of several types – mechanical balance, precision balance, and analytical balance.

Sterilizers: Elimination of microbiological organisms from medical equipment is done by sterilizers. A lot of quality sterilizers are easily accessible in our market.

In addition to the above equipment, pipettes, co-oximeters, luminometers, chemostats, spectrophotometers, thermometers, osmometers, flow cytometers, densitometers, centrifuges, DNA analyzers, colposcopes, hematology analyzers, and immunoassay analyzers are some of the important medical equipment used.

Availability in Global Market

There are many medical laboratory equipment manufacturers in the global market. Some of them are:
• Benchmark Research Products Inc.
• GenWay Biotech
• LW Scientific
• Ohaus
• Phoenix Diagnostics
• Siemens

Selection of Quality Medical Equipment

There are several equipment manufacturers and dealers around the world. You have to choose one that would ideally fulfill your needs. Buying equipment online is a good option because there are a lot of dealers providing the finest quality lab products and supplies. Recertified laboratory equipment is also available where you can find necessary equipment in an affordable range. Such equipment will be of excellent quality as they are checked by trained technicians. Most of the dealers provide great customer care support. Their services include:
• Installation and confirmation of proper functioning of the equipment
• Timely service of the equipment
• Repairing equipment when needed
• Safe shipment
• Ensuring quick availability

Medical Equipment in the Future

New innovations are emerging day by day in the field of medical technology. Modern medical expert teams are combining their efforts in designing different types of lab equipment that would give good medical assistance in the near future.

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