One of the main attractions behind the wholesale switch from celluloid to digital photography is the incredible ease with which absolutely anyone now prints photos. The technology has made the process into one which is quick, simple and open to anyone, and the same principles apply to producing stunning items such as bespoke canvas prints.

There are several reasons why digital photography is a major advance on the systems which used to be in place. The first is the sheer quality of the photographs which it is now possible to take.

Even a relatively inexpensive digital camera will be capable of capturing and producing images of a sharpness and clarity which, in the past, would only have been open to professional photographers with the most expensive and advanced cameras. Alongside this quality there is the huge rise in the number of photographs which most people now feel able to take. In the past, this number was kept down by both the physical limitations of a roll of film and by the fact that having the film developed and printed as photographs was time consuming and relatively expensive. Digital storage, however, means that many hundreds of images can be stored on a single camera or memory card, allowing users to take as many photographs as they wish, snapping every single moment of an event and then, later, picking and choosing which of the images they feel are truly representative.

Another plus point, to go alongside the fact that the average person can now build up a very large portfolio of absolutely excellent images, is that it is possible and even easy to do much more with them than simply turn them into standard photo prints. The flexibility of the technology, allied to your own personality, means that you can produce a stunning range of totally unique and individual photo gifts. Handing over a gift such as this to mark some special occasion is a way of letting the recipient know that they really do mean a lot to you – the personal input will be on a par with a gift which has been totally handmade, whilst the technical specifications will be more than a match for goods available via retail. The easiest way to introduce yourself to the process is probably to design and print personalised greeting cards.

All that you need to do is select an image from your own collection which you feel would look good printed on the front of a card. Having done this, you just upload it to the relevant website and then follow the simple, user-friendly instructions allowing you to opt for a certain size or shape and add text. Once you’ve completed the process, your greeting will be printed on top quality card using state of the art technology. Unbelievably, it’s every bit as easy to turn your favourite photographs into stunning, gallery quality canvas prints, meaning that creating a work of art is now as simple as pointing and clicking your camera.

Whenever anyone prints photos they should take a step back and ask themselves; what next? Your very best images can now be reproduced in book form, turned into jigsaws or transformed into truly beautiful, luxuriously appointed wall sized canvas prints.

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Making some one happy on some occasion or festival is by presenting personalised greeting cards that can be printed online thanks to the invention of new digital technology