A dissertation literature review is a thorough research which represents works by others academicians, their area of discussion and their limitations, which are related to your topic of discussion. It is not a research paper, but what is already recorded by others on the same topic as your research. The literature reviews in normal cases come after the chapter of instruction. The purpose of literature reviews is to give credit to the topic of research, considering that other academicians also spotted the need for research in the same area, it does this by discussing the other researchers’ works in the same field. Literature reviews also indicate, and ensure that you are aware and well informed about the topic you embarked to research on.
Literature reviews dwell on the identifying, and reporting the authors, their publication, their specific area of study, the methods and methodology they used, their research findings, and the various implications; personal comments should be avoided here at all costs. Most students usually forget to provide a conclusion explaining the listed works, and they also forget to indicate the areas not yet researched, hence providing suggestions for the research projects. Always ensure that, you represent each work, or author in a single (set of) paragraph(s), this give your work a good flow. Literature reviews require one to sit down, and research well on all the available information they need. Then, organize all the relevant publications/ author’s listing all the relevant information on each before you set down to write.
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