To keep our body fit, most of the time we decide to do many strange things, like running up and down the stairs. However, we forgot ourselves that walking may be the best symbolic exercise, and we can adapt to our daily life. There would be none who will say negative to it. So that, People from all over the world walking accepted as most popular and health friendly or oriented exercise. Many doctors around the world are on this globe have given their patients as a first task is to remove the patient's stiffness nature. Since the invention of the medical term doctors has said the opportunities for walking so far, but a mischievous mind always tries to avoid it. We give the impression of being avoided it, but we don't have the remembrance about walking. Our bodies, which runs basically under a sophisticated and systematic process, and if something goes wrong it may be damaged and malfunction. Naturally, or simply it is called as diseases. These abnormal body functions create various internal diseases, when they are not flexible. For example, a common disease called diabetes, which is still known as an incurable disease, but it could keep under control. The main & foremost remedy and controlling process is walking.
All aspects of walking can be fragmented in two ways, such as morning and evening. From this fragmentation, a question can be raised, which is, "if we said walking is the best exercise, then why these fragmentation"? The answer is yes. Anyone can walk at any time, but that would not be healthy for our bodies, if we decide to walk the middle of the afternoon, when the sun is directly above our heads that may or perhaps create a great dizzying. That's why the physician or doctor prefers to walk in the morning, while the sun's heat is less effective; similarly same reasons are applicable to evening walking also.
Walking in the morning is a good habit and as well as a high-quality exercises. Youth and adults can take this exercise. Generally, the time before sunrise is ideal for walking at morning and after sunset is the best time for an evening walk. The walking time varies from person to person. In the case of a young person can be in a longer duration, while an older person may have a shorter period. As the morning air is fresh and soft to walk is very beneficial to health. It gives a person new energy and makes the mind cheerful. It is very important to treat patients who actually suffer from diabetes and heart disease. Doctors often suggest to all people to walk regularly in their limit. It also gives us the joy of the most beautiful landscapes and nature aside the greater movement of our melancholy.

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