The topic of free will and does free will exist came up as I listened to Joe Rumbolo's September 30th Blog Talk Radio show. Joe was interviewing guests Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe, and I usually try to make time to listen to this couple as Geoffrey channels a being named Adamus St. Germaine whom I find very insightful. (I don't subscribe to absolutely everything he says, but he has some ideas that I can align with that differ from what is currently considered "enlightened thought.")

Adamus St. Germaine (Geoff was channeling at that point) stated that he knew what he was about to say would ruffle some people's feathers, but contrary to popular opinion free will does not exist, only divine will exists. You are only pretending to have free will, he said.

I can understand this, for a couple of reasons I discuss in this article. For one thing, close examination and study of the astronomy of the earth with respect to the galactic center shows that for the last 13,000 years (which is one half of the galactic cycle associated with the zodiac), it was divinely planned that the Earth go through a "dark" period in its evolution, one that is ordained to be completed near the end of 2012. (And divine will is what we've been experiencing.)

The stars are not placed in the heavens dictated by human whim, but according to Universal law (divine will). And divine will has ordained that humanity participate in this leap in spiritual growth and evolution through the firsthand experience of the dark these last 13,000 years. (Ever since the fall of Atlantis, by the way. Because those Atlanteans--bless their hearts--were advanced technologically, not necessarily spiritually.)

But even before I studied the astronomy and became aware of the amazing metaphors within, I have written extensively on the topic of the divine plan, the higher self's plan, and that it is the higher self--not the ego--that is (and has been) "running the show," so to speak. (By the way, this makes irrelevant much of the current rhetoric on the topic of the human ego. Besides, the ego isn't what you should be focusing on anyway. Focus on the higher self, not the ego, because what you focus on grows.)

I will now discuss a pivotal point in my awakening process that had enlightened me to this revelation. But first, a little background: In 2001 and 2002, I had been contacted by the Counsel of Light (through a channel), who advised me to begin writing a book that would help elevate humanity's consciousness. Not too long afterwards, I found myself deep in despair and confusion and could not even think of doing anything else but to try to elevate my own consciousness so that I could solve the puzzles facing me and my family.

Then in March of 2003, The Counsel of Light said that it was my choice whether I went ahead with my assignment, or not. It was my choice how I proceeded. After all I had free will, they said.

About a year later, as I was writing my book, I remembered the time they had given me that "choice." Free will? Had I really a choice? Free will had I? Ha! What a joke!

I knew that I had no free will. And even though it went against everything I had been taught since childhood and everything I had read from various spiritual sources, in my book I stated that there was no free will. We are only pretending to have free will. It is the higher self's will (the divine will) that is being played out.

Knowing that free will does not exist, that there is only divine will, is what helped me put together an alternative view of humanity, life on this planet, and the divine plan--the knowing of which makes all the difference. A caveat: Free will exists for your higher self, not for your human ego. But getting this distinction makes all the difference.

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