Are you asking, does my ex girlfriend still love me? So, you loved you girlfriend like crazy, however the relationship ended due to some reasons. Did she dump you or did you dump her? What led to the break up really doesn’t matter. What is more important at the moment is that you are left wondering if she still has feelings for you. This question borders you so much that you may think about it at work, while you are eating and watching television.

After a relationship ends, it might be difficult to know exactly how your ex feels about you. However, this should not weigh you down because there are few signs to watch out for that indicate that she still loves you.

Does my ex girlfriend still love me? One sign that indicate whether your girlfriend still loves you is if she calls you frequently to know how you’re doing. We all know that the last thing to do after a break up is calling your ex. If your ex girlfriend calls you regularly, it indicates that she is still into you.

Does she ask friend and family about you? If she does this, then it’s obvious that she is not over you yet. She is probably asking to know if she still has any place in your heart or if you have started dating someone else. This goes a long way to let you know that she still thinks about you. Therefore if you're still wondering, "does my ex girlfriend still love me," this is a positive sign that she does.

Another sign that your ex girlfriend still loves you is if she ask you about your dating status. Your ex being curious to know if you have started dating someone else is a sign that she is not over you yet. You must be very careful when answering this question if you want her back.

If you frequently bump into your ex girlfriend unexpectedly in places where you never expect to come across her, it shows that she is deliberately trying to meet you. It’s a sign that she still has strong feelings for you and misses you.

Also, if she still wants to be friends, it shows that she is not over you and doesn’t want to completely end things with you. However, you must take caution with this; otherwise you might be trapped in the “friend zone” and never have an opportunity to be in a relationship with her anymore.

If you are asking, “'does my ex girlfriend still love me?” the above signs will definitely help you answer that question. If she shows one or more of these signs, then there is a probability that she is still into you. However, despite the fact that she shows these signs doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to win her back. There are actually things that led to the break initially that must be taken into consideration.

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