Falling in love can be a wonderful thing. However, starting a relationship can also be very tricky for most men. This is mostly because a lot of men cannot tell if the girl they're interested in feels the same way as they do. So if you see yourself in this kind of situation, here are some good signs that will tell if your girl is really in love with your or not.

1. She tells you so. If your girl tells you that she loves you, then you have hit the home run. This is obviously the easiest and the most obvious sign.

2. Look at her Eyes. As the old saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So try to observe how she looks at you. If she's really in love, then her eyes will show it.

3. She calls more and more often. Getting more and more frequent calls from her will mean that she's missing you more often and that she thinks about you a lot. Most of the time, she will call you up for no reason at all, or sometimes, make up a silly excuse just so she can hear your voice.

4. Her parents like you too. Although this may not be a sure sign for every couple, most of the women in love will speak good things about you to their parents. However, if they're not warming up to you just yet, do not give up. Give them some time to know you and they'll eventually understand why their daughter has fallen in love with you the way she has.

5. She wants to know more about you. If your girl asks about your history, your parents, your childhood, your likes and dislikes, then it's pretty obvious that she wants to be a part of your life as well.

6. She introduces you to her closest friends. This is a good sign that she wants to move on to a more serious relationship. This may be a very unnerving time as you'll be the center of attention for the night so stay real and you'll be just fine.

7. She talks about you to other people. Women who are into their men often talk about them a lot. So you can snoop around and ask if she has mentioned you to any of her friends. If she has, then that's a good sign that she is definitely into you.

8. She goes out of her way to do things for you. If she calls off a date with her friends or drops by at your office to treat you to lunch, then there is definitely something there.

9. She takes care of you. If she is in love with you, then she'll treat you differently than others. Women are naturally nurturing but will give extra care and attention to the man they love.

10. She tells you her secrets. This is a good sign that she trusts you more. So listen and treasure every bit of secret that she shares.

So be very observant and sensitive for these signs. If you see them, waste no time and tell her how you really feel as well.

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