When a woman gets a little turned on and would want to get some action done, they can't just make the first move on you and get it all started. That's one of the perks of being a member of the male species --- we don't wait, we make things happen. So how do we find out if she's already in the mood for one naughty night ahead? Are there sexual tension signs we need to watch out for? Well, no need to get all fretted up on that. The answers are right below. Here are a few hot sexual tension signs she's sending and discover if she's turned on for you

* She's hinting on it. She may be telling you something about how curious she is in seeing your apartment or she keeps on betting that you have hot body beneath that shirt --- I hope you weren't too dense and now slapping your forward for not making the move. The girl was definitely yearning for a make-out session.

* She seriously flirts. She's sending off some heated body language --- and we're not talking about mere eye contact. Licking her lips, leaning over and showing you plenty view of her cleavage, parting her legs and showing you her thighs --- man, you are so lucky. Don't flirt back --- get some real action happening!

* She gets touchy. She's not scared to reach out and touch you. Whether she's plainly touching your arm, tapping your shoulder or resting a hand on your knee --- it spells sexual tension all over it. She's sending you a mixed signal that it it absolutely right for you to the same --- and more.

* She's staring at your lips a lot. The lips are a very sensual and sensitive part of the body that's why when she gets too expressive through them, expect it to be more than just safe flirting --- it's a sign of sexual tension and she definitely wants you to know about --- through licking her lips while staring at yours.

* She has this bedroom voice tactic. She practically whispering to your ear right now --- a strong evidence she's marking territory. If you're at club, she's definitely wanting everyone to know that you're with her and you'll be having one banging night later --- literally. Enjoy the fun!

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