Painting as an art has existed for millennia. The earliest domestic painters adorned caves with depictions of hunting scenes and important animals. Today the domestic painter is far more focused on color combinations and clean lines than pictorial designs. The domestic paint trade has evolved since year on year since its decorative beginnings.

Just as there are historical differences in domestic decoration so are there cultural and demographic preferences. Indeed, some people choose to overlook their house décor seeing it as trivial, while others spend thousands of dollars every year beautifying their environment. From a practical point of view the right paint can add protection to a building. For example, wooden homes need paint at regular intervals to protect them from the sun, wind, water and temperature variations. Experts’ advise that we paint our homes at least every 5 years.

Painting is a career and as such there are professionals to handle whatever painting requirements we have. For domestic painting, there are many professional domestic painters in the market place. Of course it is important to distinguish between the true professionals and the rogue traders.

Before you go all out in search of domestic painters, you need to have a fair idea of quotes and estimates, choose the type of paint you want and the colors. There is also need to know the size of your house in terms of square footage to enable the painter to have an idea of the time the job will take. Obviously serious professionals will come and give you a free quote.

As mentioned earlier, you need to have an idea of quotes and estimates. To do this, you can ask around from neighbours who have had similar jobs done, contact several house painters through local directories or check online for companies who carry out domestic painting. After getting a rough quote you should have a good idea of how much you need to set aside from your budget for painting.

At this time, you might have a few painters or painting companies in mind for the job. Talk to them about the timelines involved. Often when painting an already occupied building there is lots of inconvenience so you need to know how long it will take and how they intend to meet deadlines. Cohabiting with painters and decorators can be “messy” and “stressy”.

In the initial conversations with painting companies ensure that you enquire if they are licensed by the appropriate body. It would be wise to check they have insurance in case anything goes wrong. A list of references and a look at past jobs might be necessary to ascertain their level of expertise. When contacting the referees be sure to prepare a list of questions before hand in order to get all the relevant information you need. Questions should focus on timeliness, client satisfaction, diligence and cleanliness. If possible check past jobs for flaws like paint splatter, over spray or spillage and wobbly brush marks to ensure you are hiring the right professionals for the job.

After all conditions must have been met, and agreement reached, you can now schedule your painting and improve the beauty and value of your building.

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