How could we ever forget the infamous phrase coined by Charlie Sheen? But more importantly, why was Sheen trying so hard to convince us that he was actually winning, in spite of his obviously poor situation? It’s simple. We will always like winners. But, why is winning so important to us? I can think of 3 reasons why winning is so attractive.

It Feels Good

There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment. It’s like giving yourself a pat on the back – only 10 times better. It’s always better to have other people recognize and celebrate your achievement. You can build your confidence with a win, and of course, get major bragging rights.

Your Struggle Becomes Your Triumph

When a loser becomes a winner, they cash in on the “Underdog Effect.” A no-name is suddenly someone who grabs people’s attention. At the same time, people like individuals to whom they can relate. The average Joe who beats the odds and the geek who transforms into a hot millionaire externalize what we refer to as the “American Dream.” These people are our heroes. Seeing these people rise from the bottom is an emotional journey we like to take with them.

You Become Immortal

Whether it’s a baseball promotion, science competition or even a political election - once you win, you’re a winner forever. When you think about Michael Jordan, you recall his 6 championship rings and the famous Jumpman23 icon. No one remembers that he actually returned to the NBA to play for the Washington Wizards (as a part owner) in what would be a losing effort. He was a winner, and that’s pretty much how the story ends.

What Jordan and others like him have is a legacy. Something they can share with generations to come. Having a story to pass on is a very attractive part of our lives.

The Perks

The title of winner wouldn’t be complete without the “stuff,” tangible and intangible. Winners get a variety of perks that come with their titles. Cars, clothes, VIP access, autograph requests, and everything else associated with success. Winning teams in college football bowl games come back with more than just championship rings. TVs, iPads, DVD players, cell phones, and enough groupie love to elevate their egos until the next season. People even crave the feeling of getting noticed on the street.


While many of us dream of winning, beyond that lies a chance to do something even greater. As a winner, you can use your newfound status as a platform to pursue other goals. If you win a million dollar prize, you can start the foundation or event marketing company you always wanted, or buy your dream house in the country. Winners have gone on to be motivational speakers and philanthropists that change the world beyond the scope of their initial fame.

So, even though Charlie Sheen may not actually be winning these days, he was right to attempt to make it seem like he was. Even though people want to win for different reasons, the combined appeal makes for a great motivator.

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Hodge is a freelance blogger that writes on an array of interests. She hopes to expand her knowledge and that of readers by opening up her perspective to the online community. She is always looking for new avenues to share her thoughts and welcomes feedback and even a healthy debate.