Hair loss is one of the drastically growing health conditions not only in women but also in men. While, falling of long strands of hair makes women feel tensed and depressed because of its future implications. On the other hand, men too feel ashamed with hair loss; one cannot be regarded as a handsome guy without hair on their head. Hair not only enhances the beauty of both the genders but also completes your look and physical appearance.
Although, various chemical and artificial remedies are available in the market the long term use of any of these products make your hair further vulnerable to damage without actually mitigating your trouble. Also, the fact that the products claiming to prevent hair loss are very costly creating a big hole in the pockets of the common man and a lot of them not providing the desired results.
Easily accessible home remedies for hair loss cure
Massaging your scalp – A gentle massage of your hair along with a vigorous rubbing with your fingers of your scalp area after washing your hair has proven to work wonders in prevention as well as curing your hair fall. This is one of the most common approaches employed since ages for hair care. The heat sensation produced by scalp rubbing results in the activation of your sebaceous glands, which enhances the proper flow of blood to the head region thereby causing your hair to grow in a healthy and strong manner.
Henna and mustard oil – Boil henna leaves in a sufficient quantity of mustard oil till the leaves are properly burnt and filter the contents. Massaging your head with this oil on a regular basis is found to result in the growth of healthy hair.
Amla and coconut oil – It is prepared by boiling few pieces of Amla powder or dried Amla pieces in coconut oil. This oil is regarded as a potential hair tonic for enhancing your hair growth.
Amla and lime juice – Preparing juice by squeezing fresh lime and Amla and applying it as a shampoo, while washing your hair not only prevents your hair loss but also stimulates the growth of your hair.
Coconut oil – Applying freshly prepared coconut milk and gently massaging your scalp stimulates your hair roots and thereby prevents hair loss along with promoting hair growth through supplying essential nutrients for proper nourishment of hair.

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