The whippet is one of the easiest dog breeds to own. These fantastic dogs are beautiful, easy to groom and live with, they are the best kept secret of the dog world!

Everything in the whippet speaks of moderation and balance, let's examine this dog breed's main virtues.

Whippets are medium sized dogs which makes them easy to handle even for vet visits or in case you have to pick them up. You don't have to spend a fortune to buy a car that can fit the family and your dog. When whippets have a chance to curl up and sleep, they really curl up in a small space and can sleep for hours at length. These medium hounds won't cost you the world to feed, they are good eaters but the amount of food required is as moderate as their size.

Grooming is minimal. As a former owner of long coated dogs I really appreciate how easy it is to care for whippets with a short coat that is virtually odorless. Whippet owners soon find out how their house cleaning routine becomes lighter and they have more time to play with their dogs instead of cleaning after them.

Whippets have a sweet temperament that makes them great dogs for families with kids and great companions for elder people. They appreciate the company of other well behaved dogs and rarely engage in dog disputes, they would rather play a good game of catch than anything else.

Whippets are not compulsive barkers. They are great alarm dogs and if they bark, there is a good reason. Your neighbors will thank you for your excellent dog breed choice.

These little hounds love to run at top speed when outside but once they are finished with their daily exercise, they are extremely relaxed, even lazy in the house, letting you enjoy the pleasures of computer browsing, napping, TV watching, reading or cooking without a constant request for attention or play.

Actually the only situation where whippets completely forget their moderation is when they are chasing a small, furry animal. Their prey drive makes whippets great racing dogs but it can also be a danger in the vicinity of cars. This problem is easy to resolve, a leash and a hound collar will keep your whippet safe during your walks. On another hand, whippets running and playing are a sight to behold, they are so beautiful and graceful that is it a real aesthetic pleasure to see them in action, a little pleasure you can enjoy everyday if you choose be owned by one of these charming dogs!

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The author, a biologist and lifelong dog enthusiast, ten years ago fell incurably in love with whippets, a beautiful, fun and easy care dog breed. To see whippet pictures and find tips about training and caring for this amazing breed visit the site at