EECP is a non surgical treatment for patients suffering from Angina, Heart Attack, and Heart Failure. EECP means Enhanced External Counter pulsation approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) USA and National Health Service (NHS) UK for treating patients with heart diseases.

With advancements in clinical pharmacology and revascularization healing, there is an increase in the percentage of life expectancy for coronary artery disease patients with EECP treatments. Patients suffering from severe cardiac diseases and more or less claimed as "no option" patients can have a relief and extend their lives through EECP treatments. The reason behind the increasing percentage of angina patients opting for EECP is its cost-effectiveness, non-invasive and non surgical concept.

EECP is a kind of natural bypass for treating blocked arteries. EECP involves Diastolic augmentation process - a lot of inactive blood vessels are forced to open up by counterpulsation that helps to increase the arterial diastolic blood pressure and also support filling of coronary artery. It encourages blood vessels to form new vessels which are called as collaterals. These collaterals can act as permanent pathways to the heart muscle that suffered with insufficient blood flow and inadequate oxygen.

The EECP treatment is performed by spreading the total 35 hrs treatment with one hour per day scheduled for five days in a week. In this treatment, patient is laid on a flat bed of the EECP machine. Three to five electrodes are attached to the chest area to collect the recordings of the heart beat with a constant ECG. To record the tracing of the blood pressure and oxygen saturation, a plethysmograph is applied to the pointing finger. A set of three to four cuffs are wrapped around the thighs, calves, & buttocks. The inflation and deflation of the cuffs is synchronized by ECG signal.

EECP is recommended for angina patients who do not want to go for bypass surgery, patients with liver or kidney failure, old age patients, diffuse diabetics patients. More over there are no side effects with EECP treatment. The patients following EECP treatment can walk longer distance without feeling any chest pain or breathlessness. An EECP treatment improves the endothelial function and reduces inflammatory cytokines. It also improves in oxygen consumption and enhances the functioning of ventricular system. The treatment process involves peripheral training that is similar to exercise.

There are many well known hospitals in Mumbai that are providing sophisticated EECP treatment for angina patients. Mumbai has become a destination point for EECP treatment for most of the patients who are suffering from cardiac diseases. The generosity and hospitality of people in Mumbai and the sophisticated technology/equipments used for medical treatment of cardiac diseases is popular all around the world.

Some of world class hospitals providing EECP treatments in India are Krishna Cardiac Centre, Vaso Meditech, Neomed hospitals and Randhawa Hospital.

Krishna Cardiac centre is the world renowned hospital for EECP treatments. It is an ISO Certified 9001:2009 and FDA approved Medical centre for treating patients with cardiac diseases. Krishna Cardiac Centre has sophisticated EECP equipments and highly efficient and trained doctors in cardiovascular care. Dr.Ashok Punjabi, Medical Director of Krishna Cardiac Centre is the leading cardiologist in Mumbai with 15 years of experience in cardiovascular care.

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EECP is the best alternative for bypass surgery. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical Treatment with no side effects. Krishna Cardiac Care Centre Provides Effective EECP Therapy and EECP Treatment for angina to avoid of bypass surgery