Communication is the mutual exchange of ideas and not only words between two parties. It is the very essence of management. It plays a key role in helping the management to effectively perform the basic functions of management.

Communication is a vital part of retail operations. It largely, depends on the communication skills of the retailer to convert a lead into a customer. The retailer must have effective communication skills which will enhance the customers shopping experience and also ensure quality and satisfaction. Effective communication is like half work done.

Communication is said to be effective when it makes the customer feel understood and valued. A customer must be always treated in a special way. You must remember that if silence is a form of communication then silence might be misleading also. If the customer doesn’t feel cared and listened to it might elevate anger also.

As a retailer you must try to look polite, empowering and trustworthy. You must try to improve your customer handling techniques. It is expected that as a sales person you will maintain your calm and be composed even when the customer is complaining. Your temper might ruin the situation.

However, it is not that your non-verbal cues don’t hold any importance while communicating with the customers; rather they are one of the most crucial part of the customer handling process. Your presentation and body language speaks a lot about your interest and if it sometimes occurs to the customer that you aren’t showing interest then this might infuse anger.

It is essential to know that, it’s not only the pre-sale communication but also post-sale communication that matter a lot in the customer handling process. Post sale communication is majorly determined by complaint handling and customer feedback. Customer feedback is very essential part of the communication process.

Since communication in customer handling process forms such a vital part of the retail store operations hence it has been imbibed in our certificate course in retail store operations. The course has been comprehensively designed by industry experts and the concept of communication and customer handling forms an integral part of our course structure.

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A graduate in commerce and holder of Post Graduate diploma in Business Journalism & Corporate Communication, from the University of Delhi, Tanvi Wadhwa, has been working for the education industry for long time. Tanvi Wadhwa has written various articles on the benefits of joining various " Online Wealth Management Courses " in job hunting and career growth in today"s growing competition.