Infertility can be a mind boggling issue for the couples suffering from it as they have to deal with uncertainties and sadness on a daily basis. On one day, they get hope of coming out of the situation and the next day, everything may seem futile. For couples where the woman is not able to carry a baby safely in her womb, surrogacy comes up as the most feasible option. In surrogacy, another woman is engaged for carrying the baby in her womb. The embryo is cultivated in the lab using IVF and then implanted in the surrogate for the pregnancy to proceed. The whole process is managed legally and finally after nine months, the most precious moment arrives for the couple, when they can hold their own child. Many couples get the satisfaction that the baby is their own offspring as their sperm and egg have been used for creating the embryo, but this may not be possible in all cases. Some couples might also require an egg donor for the entire process to yield a successful result.

Role of Egg Donor in Surrogacy

Egg donors play a key role in fertility treatment, particularly where the intended mother is not producing eggs at all or the eggs are not viable enough for a successful pregnancy to take place. In some cases, the embryo made with donor eggs is implanted in the woman with IVF. Women who can neither produce healthy eggs not carry a baby will require the services of an egg donor as well as a surrogate. This is why the role of the egg donor becomes all the more crucial as a family cannot start without a donor. Similarly, gay couples who want to bless with the joy of parenthood can also get it with the help of an egg donor and surrogate. In this way, egg donation is a noble task, as it enables childless couples get the gift of a child, which everyone truly deserves.

How to find an egg donor?

Finding an egg donor is a remarkable journey as it binds you to a person for a lifetime and you share a part of your life with her. You can start by getting in touch with an agency which offers a diverse database of egg donors, and you can have a look at the database free of cost. It is importance to learn whether the data base is updated on a regular basis or not. Also, the data base should have plenty of donors for the prospective parents to make a choice of the right donor to meet their requirements. The donors are of a young age, between 18 and 29 and have to go through comprehensive screening to check for any diseases or conditions. Besides getting a moral satisfaction, they can also earn good money by donating their healthy eggs.

In a nutshell, an egg donor plays a vital role in the IVF and surrogacy process, with several such couples who cannot have a baby without the help of an egg donor.

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