As we go through life, we all remember those little voices in our head that we attached to a belief somewhere in our life. This article is about getting them under control.

We remember those beliefs as:

1. Never ask anyone about money.
2. Eat all your food. Kids are starving in the world.
3. You will never be able to make that. You don’t have enough training.
4. You don’t know enough people. You’re too new to this town.
5. Never be a pushy salesperson. They make people mad.
6. Don’t trust anyone. Everyone lies.
7. Never talk about religion. (What do missionaries talk about?)
8. Mechanics rip off women every chance the get. Actually, that’s not true.
9. You’ll never amount to anything if you don’t graduate from college. Ask Bill Gates?
10. Millions more from all areas of our lives.

Ever heard these from someone you loved and trusted? I must say that I am lucky because I never heard all of these growing up, even though some were around. I was encouraged to think past the small town in South Carolina that was my home but never forget my roots.

Let’s attack the premise of “Limiting Beliefs” head on. Here are some tactics you can use today to help put these beliefs out of your mind.

1. Create a clear picture of the opposite of the limiting belief. Here’s an example. Never ask anyone about money. Well, if you are in sales or own a business, then you know that “Money” is the key to your success. Many salespeople hit a block when they get to the money questions. To overcome this block, understand what will happen if you do talk with them about money. You’ll know if they can afford you, if they will buy your product, or in a personal experience if they can pay their bills and buy food for the week.
2. Make sure you have clear and unshakable goals. If your goals are specific enough and have passed the SMART test, then any limiting belief can be looked at as just a passing thought. They are only a blip on the radar; a mere thought distraction. Keep your focus on your goals!
3. Think about the consequences of doing exactly what the “limiting belief” is telling you. Life is about you taking the necessary steps to achieve happiness. For a lot of us, that may be harder than others. But happiness is a personal desire: no one can define it for you. Will you be happy if you believe all of those sayings in your head? Probably not and probably never will. Eliminate or minimize them so you can get on with your life.
4. Create an absolutely ethical life for you and your family. Nothing will ever defeat the beliefs quicker than living an absolutely ethical life. Be an example, and never ever reduce your standards to those of someone else.

Now, you may be saying easier said than done. Ok, I understand that. Try to eliminate one at a time over a period of a week. That way you’re never overwhelmed with the process.

Work with your success partner and get them involved in helping you eliminate these beliefs. Help someone else with a project or offer encouragement. By offering to help or giving encouragement, you can develop a positive attitude toward the things in your personal life that are affecting your success.
Now as always this step takes action. Big and bold action works best. Here is an example for you:

There is a person that I know who is struggling right now through a job crisis. It’s gone on for nearly 2 years as his 6 figure job got reduced to a 5 figure job to no job. His spouse refuses to work or make the necessary sacrifices to life to survive. Every day, they fight and throw digs at each other. It’s gotten so bad that his son now joins in the battle with Dad.

As the family struggles, the Dad is developing his passion and the family is getting better. Having the courage to develop his passion is the only thing that will replace the limiting beliefs for both the Dad and the family.

What will you do today to develop your passion? Will you take the steps necessary to eliminate those beliefs? We hope so, and are pulling for you.

Remember; take the first step to your new life TODAY!

Author's Bio: 

Jack Tallevast is the author of 7 Steps to Goal Setting and is a sales and business coach. Download his eBook at