Physical abuse isn’t the only type of abuse that one suffers from in relationships. Sometimes, Mental and Emotional Abuse can be as worse as someone having the audacity to put their hands on you. With Emotional and Mental Abuse, the person attempts to tear you down through repeated personal insults and also by verbally beating all of the self-esteem and confidence out of you. They want you to feel as if you will not be able to function through life without them. Total dependence upon them is the ultimate goal.

When you suffer through Mental and Emotional Abuse you will begin to think that you are losing your mind; as this is how you are being treated by your partner anyway, so you start to believe it. You will feel “less than” around others because you are constantly being treated as if you aren’t enough. You start to question your appearance, where you once thought you were attractive, your partner will begin to make you feel otherwise by paying special attention to areas they know that you are sensitive about. Sometimes, they won’t say a word, they’ll just look at you with disgust. They will always use personal attacks against you to weaken you, especially if they really feel they truly don’t measure up to you in the first place!

Sometimes, when a woman is a bit more powerful than her man in terms of accomplishments, this is when the Emotional and Mental Abuse begins. He feels as if he can’t really measure up to all that she is; although, she is constantly reassuring him. She is not trying to run the relationship at all. She wants her man to be “the man” in the relationship and wants him to know that her success can only benefit them both. But, he refuses to comprehend this because of his own insecurities. He then wears her down with repeated insults until she finally falls. What he fails to realize is that, “She May Fall, But She Will Never Break.” Once she regains who she is, was, and always will be……the world is all hers to conquer.

Never allow anyone to abuse you in any form. Leave the situation, simple as that. They only want to control you because of their own insecurities. It is never anything you have done. It is always about their own emptiness, envy and lack of existence.

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Monica MiChelle Burns, PhD is a Writer and Spiritual Advisor. She is Founder of Monica MiChelle Communications. Monica MiChelle Burns has written for many publications and websites to include the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty, Jolie Magazine, DermaScope Medical Magazine, Human Resources Management and many more. For more information: