Hiring or employing security guards can be a complex affair. The main job of security guards is to enforce and administer security matters within your business compound, along with the added responsibility of representing your company or business. Hence, if any security guard you employ makes any mistake whatsoever, you might be held legally and morally responsible for such mistakes. Hence, extreme caution must be exercised when hiring security personnel in Shellharbour for your business. So today, we are going to take a look at vital factors that might help you to hire the best security guards for your business. These factors are easy to comprehend and simple to follow. So read on to find out more.
Factors to keep in mind

  • Licensing for security guards – Any security guard you hire should have all the legal licenses to work as a guard. In case you employ a guard without a security license, the authorities might impose fines for you, depending on where your business is located. Make it a point to get a record of the security guard’s license, job application and photo ID for the purpose of record keeping. You also need to ensure that the license you were supplied with is a valid one. Some guards try to fake the license number to get a job, so you need to keep your eyes open for them as well.
  • Proper screening before employment – Any and every security guard you hire from companies providing security systems such as security guards and CCTV camera in Shellharbour should pass a proper criminal background check as well as a screening test before being employed, as specified by the law. A substance abuse screening test should also be conducted to ensure that the security guard you are hiring does not have a drug habit.
  • Right training for all security guards – Security guard training is an absolute necessity for any security guard that you hire for your business. As the owner of the business, you need to make sure that your employed guard is properly trained and is able to perform his or her duties in the most efficient way possible. The most important aspect of the training is to help the guards to be mindful of legal procedures so as to better protect your business.
  • Written report of every incident – The security guards you employ for your business should be well equipped with the knowledge to write incident reports as and when they happen. If your hired guards cannot write a report, then you would do well to train them in the said art, because then it will be a whole lot easier for you to evaluate the security status of your business.
  • Availability of liability insurance The security agency you talk to for the purpose of hiring security guards should provide you with liability insurance so that you can be compensated for any error caused by the guard or guards while on duty. This is an absolute necessity.

These factors should help you to hire the best possible security guard for your company.

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