The iPad is a tablet personal computer manufactured and developed by the Apple Company. It really is mainly useful for Internet surfing and media streaming, although a lot of iPad users use theirs for other audio-visual media such as music, movies and books. It works just like an iPod Touch and iPhone although it has a greater storage capacity. It is also physically larger than both the iPod Touch and iPhone. It is a revolutionary computer that is very popular among teenagers, young professionals and businessmen.

If you just purchased a new iPad, you may want to make sure that it has all the necessary iPad accessories. Accessories are also necessary to protect the iPad from being damaged. The following are accessories for iPad that you may want to consider;

1. Case - buying a case for your iPad will prevent dust, dirt and smears on its exteriors. The dirt that the iPad accumulates may cause it to malfunction so you need to protect it with a case. A case may also serve as a shock absorber in case you accidentally drop the iPad.

2. Screen Protector - you do not want your newly bought iPad to have scratches on the screen so you will want to buy a screen protector. Because there's no way to navigate through your iPad but to touch the screen, a screen protector is extremely important.

3. Camera Connection Kit - because the iPad does not have a camera with it, this accessory can be handy especially if you are fond of uploading pictures to Facebook or other websites. It allows you to view, store and edit photos in your iPad. The iPad supports JPEG files so it's easy for you to just transfer files from a digital camera onto your device.

4. iPad Dock - this is one of the must-have iPad accessories for users who often watch movies or read eBooks. An iPad Dock keeps the gadget upright without having to hold it yourself. The iPad has a decent 9.7-inch screen that is perfect for watching movies.

5. Wireless keyboard - although the iPad provides a touchscreen keyboard for users, nothing can beat having a physical keyboard that can be used together with your device.

The above-mentioned iPad accessories certainly are a must for a lot of iPad users. Whilst they are optional, they're able to produce a whole world of difference to your iPad experience.

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