At 75 years of age and working with Brain Enhancement as a teacher, author and coach for 45 years, it has been and continues to be a delight to enhance my brain and help others do the same. It is really fun too! Don’t you love brain games?

A little over a year ago, I had a rare and unprecedented opportunity to test the validity of my work and beliefs. As a victim of an unfortunate accident, I sustained multiple injuries, including a broken back and a brain injury. After hospital, MRIs, X-rays, a battery of specialists, it was decided that it would be a long, if ever recovery from the injuries. Speech Therapy and all the regular Physical Therapy was indicated.

One doctor decided that the patient, Barbara Stepp was in denial about the permanence of injuries, refused to believe that she would never recover fully and impatient to do everything possible to recover, which would lead to depression. Therefore, I was strongly encouraged to accept my situation and take anti-depressants. That idea went over like a screen door on a submarine.

This was a bit challenging considering how active I’ve always been as a licensed pilot, Master Scuba Diver, Sky Diver, Rock climber, extensive traveler; okay, and all around adrenalin junkie.

Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously. The doctors’ suggestion was very effective. Speech Therapy was ineffective. After two sessions, the therapist said, “You could probably teach me a few things and since you are already doing what you need to do and I can’t help you, use your time for physical therapy.”

I am still in the “post concussive” zone and doing aerobic exercises like walking, which has stimulated circulation, sending more oxygen to my brain. Delightfully, as Emile Coue’ is quoted as saying, “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” My tested brain age is now 35 years.

After a short time, the doctors told me I was making an amazing recovery and they were sure that it was because I have a pattern of being a high functioning individual. They said, “You are doing better than most 75 year olds who don’t have a brain injury, so you should be satisfied with where you are.” Since I live in the field of infinite possibility that was not acceptable. Two months after the injury and in a body cast, I started teaching and coaching and have continued to do so, now without the cast.

Many brain researches have come to the conclusion that the more we think, the bigger our brains get and the better they function. And a healthy, older brain can function as well as a younger brain. We generate new brain cells no matter our age. Our brains are constantly changing in response to our experiences. New behaviors, learnings and physical injuries can stimulate the brain to create new neural pathways and/or reorganize existing ones, altering or adjusting the way we process information. So we t1userRol ty train ;You cou nall ashe bipy.”

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