Every day is a new one
When we are little, we are taught that if you plan your life, every day will go according to plan.

Unfortunately, life doesn't happen according to plan in most instances.

Life is like a deck of cards. Every day, it is shuffled and a new set of circumstances are presented. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad. Sometimes the good times stretch for many years, and suddenly.... the deck changes, much like the croupier's touch on the roulette wheel, or the blackjack dealer.

Often, the cards seem to be stacked against one, day after day, year after year. Shuffle, and the cards fall in the wrong sequence. Is there a way that one can change the course of one's destiny?

Yes..... but it depends on the way in which you are brought up and the outlook that you have towards life. The more positive and creative you are, the better you will be able to cope with the adversity that is thrown your way. And no life goes without adversity, no matter how much money or power you may have.

There are many stories of rich people with perfect lives who suddenly have a child born that is not normal, or some other tragedy that befalls them. That is the cards shuffled and falling the wrong way.

A man has been on a job for 20 years and is due to retire in a couple of years when the company folds and he is out of a job, retirement and income. That is the cards shuffled and falling the wrong way.

The same story as above, no retirement or money, and suddenly the man is offered a lucrative consulting job in his later years with increased income. That is the cards shuffled and falling the right way!!

What can you do to prepare yourself and your children for the deck of cards?

Educate yourself. Make sure that your children are educated. There is no excuse for any child not to receive an education in life skills as well as maths and science.

Save a little money every day. If you put away $1 a day, in 20 years you will be able to retire. Literally take it out of your pocket and put it in your Pushka jar and deposit it every month.

Be creative in making do with less so you will appreciate it when you are able to splurge. Pay down your mortgage as quickly as you can so that you save thousands of dollars in interest payments.

Live within your means, but aspire always to more so that you continually grow, prosper and improve yourself. Buy on credit only so that you have a good credit rating.

If the cards are shuffled and the cards fall the wrong way, be able to shrug it off and wait for tomorrow's hand.

Author's Bio: 

Lanky Levy is the author of "Notes from the Gurus", internet marketing 101. as well as "Sudden Spouse Death"
She has also published an anthology of soft sculpture puppets by artist Sylvia Natas - http://www.baobabinc.com/puppets.html