As you age, there are certain problems that are inevitable. Disc degeneration is an inevitable part of life. Over the last few years, many patients have developed the problem of disc degeneration. Going by what doctors have to suggest, the disease is a condition. As far as disc degeneration of lower back is considered, it clearly means that the lumbar area of the spins is adversely affected. Lumbar Disc Degenerative Disease has affected millions of people all over the world.
Contrary to it is Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease wherein one or more disks located in the neck begin to break down. This leads to the pressure on the disks and nerves causing inflammation as well as pain.

In this article, you will get to know about the exercises that can be effective at lessening pain and preventing persisting symptoms. Let’s start with exercise for Lumbar Disc Degenerative Disease.

Back Strengthening

Start this exercise in a pain-free range and gradually progress to difficult versions of the same exercise. Pilates as well as yoga are just the perfect for building muscles. Reverse curl-ups, Superman and upward facing dog are suggested.

Abdominal Strengthening

Strong abdominal muscles not only protect the lower back against strain and back pain but also let you stay fit. Again, Pilates and Yoga are recommended for strengthening these core areas. Curl-ups, side-lying leg lifts and the plank builds up the core muscles strong enough that it protects the lower back from day to day activities. Make sure that your posture is right while perfuming this exercise for avoiding back strain.

Rehabilitative Exercise

If you have constant stiffness or pain because of disc degeneration because of lower back, you should opt for exercises that help in reducing the pain, build strength and gently stretch. For those who can perform it, lay on your back on the floor with your legs up against the wall. There are other such exercises that can help you.
Here are a few exercises of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Neck Stretch

Sit straight and drop your right ear towards your right shoulder. Make sure that you look straight forward without twisting the head. Stay in similar position for five to ten deep breaths focusing on shoulders.

Chin Drop

Sit staring and press your chin down towards your chest and then come back straight. Make sure that you do not drop your head back as it can lead to the compression of disk which no patient suffering from disc degenerative disease wants. Repeat this exercise for ten to fifteen times.

Neck Rotation

Sit in a straight position turning your head towards right so that you can see your right shoulder. Now, press your left shoulder back. Hold it for eight to ten deep breaths focusing on dropping the shoulders.

Shoulder Rolls

Chronic pain in neck because of DDD is symbolic to the excess strain that you carry in your shoulders. This is where it can help you. Sit straight and take your shoulders to the ears then roll your shoulders back and down. Repeat it eight to twelve times.

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