Cruise ships have earned a reputation for being fully functional floating holiday resorts. First-time cruise-goers often do not know what to expect in terms of the facilities and services offered on board cruise ships. This article provides information about the amenities that are typically available on a cruise holiday.

Entertainment Facilities

All cruise liners offer a large assortment of entertainment facilities. These vary depending on the type of cruise you book. For example, cruises suitable for families usually offer a variety of sports facilities and kids club entertainment. Cruises for individuals aged from 18-30 tend to offer bars and nighttime entertainment. Most cruise liners feature a swimming pool, as well as climbing walls and miniature golf.

Shopping Facilities

Most cruise liners provide a number of shops on board where you can buy essential supplies, including toothpaste and soap, along with items such as postcards and stamps.

Medical Facilities

Cruise liners are always well equipped medically, with a qualified doctor on duty at all times. You will have to pay an additional fee, however, if you visit the doctor. It is important, therefore, to have sufficient medical coverage for your trip. Additionally, if you travel with an illness, such as diabetes, make sure you bring the necessary supplies with you.

Laundry Service

Most cruise liners have an on-board laundry service. An additional charge may apply, though, depending on the particular cruise liner’s policy and fee structure.

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