Laser eye surgery is one of the most advanced procedures performed today to correct vision problems. In this surgical procedure, light rays are bent or refracted by the cornea so that they are directed on the retina. (The retina is a layer of cells that senses light). Before you plan to undergo laser eye surgery, it may be wise to be well-informed about the whole procedure - it's risks and how to prevent them, as well as its benefits. Foremost, be sure that you are most careful in choosing your eye surgeon. Laser eye surgery has limitations and possible complications. One of the possible adverse consequence of laser eye surgery is a vision problem wherein you can see clearly objects from a distance yet will find it difficult to see objects up close.

So there is your first dillemma: the possibility of eventually losing your sight versus the risks of undergoing a laser eye procedure or any treatment to correct your vision problem. Basically, laser eye surgery is irreversible. In this procedure, the process of lifting and putting back the flap can be so inconvenient, albeit uncomfortable. There is also a greater possibility of flap dislocation immediately after the surgery so the patient must be sure that he sleeps after the surgery to prevent this. It is imperative for patients planning to undergo laser eye surgery to equip themselves with thorough and detailed information about the procedure.

Make sure that the procedure is the most suitable for you and your eyes. If you are the right candidate for laser eye surgery, your surgeon should extensively explain to you the risks associated with it, the benefits as well as any other measures or option that you can take. Before embarking on this costly procedure that can have risky complications, be sure that you ask searching questions because it is you and your sight that are at stake. Never let evasive answers pass and be sure that you get all the information you deserve about laser eye surgery. Expect to be answered elaborately.

Whether or not laser eye surgery would be successful and would indeed correct your vision problem most entirely depend on your choice of an eye surgeon. Patients palnning on undergoing laser eye surgery have unduly high expectations from the procedure. If successful, laser eye surgery can greatly reduce your need for eye glasses and incovenient contact lenses. Although contact lenses are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, it can have a lot of hassles. It is no doubt that laser eye surgery is costly, and your expenses for the procedure is summed up by the following: the type of surgical procedure, the expertise of the surgeon, the clinic and the facilities to be utilized for the whole process.

Laser eye surgery has been widely publicized - its prestige and positive aspects. But not everybody is aware of the possible complications that occassionally occur. As with any surgical procedure, it is always wise to be aware, educated and informed especially of your surgeon's skills and experience on laser eye surgery to ensure that you get the best out of this procedure.

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