So many of us rush around stuffing our feeling and emotions deeper and deeper down inside of us. We refuse to let them out. We may subconsciously remember childhood programs we picked up like… “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”, or someone calling you a “cry baby”, or someone telling you “if your going to cry I'll give you something to cry about”. All of these are programs that lead us to believe our feelings were meant to be hidden, not validated, but shoved aside or pressed down.

We were put here to FEEL. That is a major part of the earthly experience. That's what humans are meant to do.

As children we were raw, true to our feeling and emotions. If we felt it, we express it. That’s why you don’t see children with ulcers, or migraine, stomach issues, or walls build up so high around them no light can get in. (Geeee I wonder if that's part of why they have so much energy.?. ) These are issues adult tend to have when they hold back their emotions. Stuffing your feeling makes you sick. It drags you down because you won’t let go of all that weight your carrying on your shoulders (or maybe you carry it around your middle). Wouldn’t it feel good to release all that weight once and for all? Wouldn’t it give you more energy?

I can tell you I've been there. It Feels Amazing To Release That Weight and MOVE FORWARD FREELY!

Holding back feeling or stuffing down emotions does not mean we are strong. Here’s some tough love so get ready… a coward is the one that will not look at their feelings and keep shoving down emotions, and just keeps running away. COME ON you can't outrun YOU! You will still be with you and you will still have the feelings weighing you down. I was that coward. I've been there. It just makes you sick. As my girls would say Dis-ease creates Disease.

So many people start relationship with these huge walls around them and then wonder why it didn’t work out.

There is strength in tears. It takes strength to look at a situation and really feel it, deal with it, process it, and move forward. There is strength in every tear, honor them, respect yourself. You deserve to feel, you deserve to process and you deserve to move forward.

As my gift to you, for taking the first step to move forward on your path, a complimentary private discovery session with me. Call 231-352-9065 to schedule an appointment.
Love and Light to you.

Author's Bio: 

Hi there.
I'm Meg Hubbard of I am a life coach and mentor. I love helping people get to their AH-HA moments. I love to help them find their answers to their happiness, passion, fulfillment. It’s so exciting to help someone know what they want, and to help them go get it. I become fulfilled in helping them reach their goals. To watch a woman become excited, creative, passionate, and feirce, that feels like she fell in love with her husband all over again. THAT ROCKS!

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut. I had no energy to do anything when I got home from a career I wasn't excited about. I wanted to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV, but I still had the kids, husband, dogs, school projects and house work to do. I was stuck in a toxic cycle. I couldn't see my way out of it. I was gaining weight, losing energy, getting sick and depressed. I would find more and more reasons not to leave the house and go out. It felt like I died a little each day and I was wasting my life away. I felt trapped. There just had to be something more.

We had three successful businesses. I had a beautiful, loving husband and two beautiful, healthy sons. We had a beautiful home and toys. I had so many blessings and nothing I should complain about, but there was still something missing. I struggled and tried to work it out but I couldn't find it. So I started to search. I had to figure it out, for me and for the sake of my family. It wasn't fair to them that I was stuck and feeling frustrated, numb, unfulfilled, empty and tired. I needed to be whole so I could help them be whole. I knew life didn’t have to be like this. I tripped and stumbled and went down dead ends. Finally after more than 14 years of searching and study I figured it out. I got my Ah-Ha moment. I can help you get yours in weeks rather than years. I became a Theta Therapy Practitioner to remove the old patterns and programs that no longer serve you. This helps you find your blocks and remove them. Once I removed my blocks I was unstoppable. You can be unstoppable too. I want to help you so you won't have to stumble and trip. I want to help make your journey as smooth and graceful as possible.

After I found the answers, I was happy ,energetic, passionate, fulfilled and abundant and my family and I laugh out loud together. My husband and I can't keep our hands off each other. IT IS AMAZING how great life is! I go to bed at night and I am excited about the morning. I wake up without an alarm clock because I am excited about my day. I am living my passion and purpose. I lost the extra weight because I am happy and fulfilled. I feel sexy, and have more energy, and confidence because I lost the weight. I became more abundant because my energy changed.

Life is better, love is better, sex is better.

That's why I became a mentor.

As my gift to you, for taking the first step to move forward on your path, a complimentary private discovery session with me. Call 231-352-9065 to schedule an appointment.
Love and Light to you.