Society has a major role in influencing one’s sexuality and gender. Before, there were two genders that are socially acceptable and those are men and women. But these days, people are slowly recognizing and acknowledging the existence of the third gender or what we all know as gays or homosexuals.

In many conservative societies, the concept of homosexuals is still unacceptable and considered unusual. Despite of their growing existence, gays are still treated differently. There are in fact, many transsexuals, transgender, and transvestites that wish they could transform themselves into a complete woman. They want to be a woman not just physically but also emotionally and psychologically.

Feminization is the process of a man becoming feminized. It is the development of female’s characteristics into a man’s physical body such as loss of hair on the face or the enlargement of the breasts. It is when a man is determined and consciously decides that he wants to become a woman. Although it is very controversial, this process of feminization is essential and crucial in completing the transformation. Without this process, the person would encounter conflicts psychologically and physically as well as emotionally. It is easy for a man to change his physical appearance and look like a female. This can be done by using cosmetics, shaving his facial hair, growing his hair long and straight just like women, and undergo surgery. There are many surgeries that can be done with transsexuals and that includes breast implants, cosmetic surgeries, and the removal of the male genitalia, also known as penectomy. The surgery that transforms male to female is called feminization surgery.

A female hormone called estrogen is also used in feminizing a man. They could increase the level of estrogen in their bodies that will result in changing their physique naturally. Today, estrogen-laden pills are available over the counter and can be purchased without prescriptions. It can be taken orally as indicated and recommended by the manufacturer. This estrogen pills can change the skin’s texture, minimize facial hair growth and also soften the curves of a man’s body.

Despite the physical changes, the man still feels like a man mentally and emotionally. This feeling concludes an incomplete transformation. In order to address this conflict, a man can undergo feminization hypnosis. Through this process, a man will have the ability to acquire and learn the emotional and psychological aspects of a woman. It can enhance and hastened the male to female transformation. Feminization hypnosis works with your mind, particularly the subconscious mind, wherein the brain responds to suggestions. A registered hypnotherapist will make suggestions to a man who is under hypnosis. With hypnotic feminization, there will be no need for any pills or creams, not even surgery. It is simple and natural. It can alter the body and mind which results to becoming more feminine.

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