Many people are searching for the one truth to life. A truth that once found would allow them to live joyously and without fear. Seekers look to books, healers, doctors, friends and councillors for answers. They may even try a variety of therapies, workshops and seminars. And with each experience they’re looking for that one ah-ha moment where all of life makes sense.

What I’ve discovered is that there isn’t one truth nor is there one path to find truth in general. Everyone has their own truths and the way they’re found are unique to each individual.

Truths come from within

As irritating as that above statement is, each of us hold all the answers. When we’re down, depressed, have no money, and no life the last thing we want to hear is that we hold all the answers.

When someone told me that I ‘only had to look within,’ I had to restrain myself from kicking them in the head. When I then asked them, ‘how do I look within?’ They would reply – ‘you’ll figure it out.’ And I would think, ‘You Jerk! That doesn’t help at all!’

Well…I sort of get it now. I have found many ‘truths’ over the last several months and yes, my truths did come from within, however I used a lot of tools from without to find my within. (I hope that makes sense).

For some lucky people, they can meditate under a tree for 3 days and walk away with their truths. Some people seem to be born with more truths than others. They seem to know what makes them flow.

For me to learn how to enjoy my journey through life and to live more from my heart rather than my head, I had to get outside help to find my truth. And the outside help that I used wouldn’t necessarily help anyone else to find their truths.

But perhaps these concepts below might help you to find the path you need to travel to find your truth? Looking back, these concepts helped me to go from being a 36 year old 100 hour/week work-aholic, control freak to a semi-retired, calm, lovin’ life more-now-than-ever kind of girl:

1. Express a desire (to yourself) to know your truth. To know who you are, what makes you tick and how you can live the most fulfilling life possible.

2. Start to listen to how your body feels. Rather than use your head for everything, instead take time to just feel. This was a very strange concept for me and took me a while to get used to, but now I can’t imagine living any other way. Make a mental note to feel what your body feels like during the day and especially before making a decision. Don’t worry if it makes no senses…by feeling your body over and over you start to understand it even though words are not used. Your truths are in your body.

3. Expand your wisdom. To do so you need education and/or experience. For me, reading about consciousness and spirituality has been very helpful when I put to practice the information I absorbed. Additionally, I’ve had Reiki, Theta Healing, Kinesiology, counselling and reflexology treatments. I also started to meditate by listening to guided meditations. Further, and very importantly, I started to talk about my journey with anyone and everyone that would listen. Surprisingly – quite a few people wanted to listen!

The key to expanding your wisdom might be to take LSD or go on a trip to India (or…you could do both at the same time if you’re very creative – hehehe). The concept that I’m trying to get across here is that there is no one answer. As long as you intend to find your truths and make it a serious priority in your life, opportunities will rise to meet you. By listening to your mind and body together you can then start to sense more and more truths.

Using a bit of logic/reasoning and a bit of inner body feeling/intuition has helped me to find my path to truth. And the cool thing is that my path reaches out to infinity – it’s ever expanding.

So, finding truth is about you finding your truth.

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Originally from Rochester, New York, Kim moved to London, England where she started and grew a group of companies with a turnover in excess of £500 million. After becoming ‘successful’ in the eyes of society she realised that she was on the wrong path! At the age of 36, Kim quit her job, sold some of her shares and has embarked on a journey to discover true fulfilment. Visit her website for more information: