Spiritual fulfillment is your destiny. It is your heritage. It’s the course of your life that is more than a potential. It is a given. Spiritual fulfillment will take place.

However, you may not experience the completion of your spiritual fulfillment in your life. It’s something that works on an eternal level. It’s about you making the choice, allowing yourself to claim spiritual fulfillment, and to live according to what that is for you.

Spiritual fulfillment means the realization of your true self --- of who you are. You can’t realize that just through your mind or anything that this world can bring to you. That realization is an inner experience in which you know that you are not only just enough but you are always more than enough. That means there's nothing that exists or is in your life that can ever stop you from your spiritual fulfillment.

Spiritual fulfillment is a knowing that who you are overcomes all things that could ever challenge you. It's an understanding that you are complete. It’s not something that we can fully speak to in this world. We can’t show it to you, hold it up to you and say “Here is your spiritual fulfillment.” It's something you already know inside of yourself or you know enough about it that you want it. We call it Soul Transcendence.

Would you want to want something that you couldn't have? No, that would be torture. That would be hell. So if you want spiritual fulfillment, if you want Soul Transcendence, then it is yours to have. It's just a matter of you choosing back to what is already yours and prepared for you. It is prepared spiritually. In some ways, what that means is that you release yourself from your lower nature and your earthly material existence. You let that go so that it no longer has the importance or the attachment that it once had.

A way I relate to spiritual fulfillment is like when you're on a merry-go-round that has a brass ring. Even though you may not see the brass ring, you reach out for it anyway. Maybe by just reaching out for it, it will suddenly appear and you’ll get it anyway. So have the faith that your spiritual fulfillment is there for you, even though you may not see it or consciously know it yet.

When any of us manage to realize that we are not from this world but only visitors here to work out what we need to experience and learn, then the perfection of Spirit appears. It illuminates our understanding and profound appreciation for the ways and timing in which Spirit works. By asking for your spiritual fulfillment, you’re exercising into the truth of your being. It is a valuable exercise and a joyful one. So be patient. Be kind. Be happy. Seek Spirit’s loving embrace which at once consoles, heals, and delivers what you seek as your spiritual fulfillment.


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The author of The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings, John Morton is the Spiritual Director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA). Read more from John Morton on The Huffington Post.

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