Fishy Vaginal Odor

Women's health issues are happening all around us, but they aren't widely discussed. This is because so many of them are embarrassing for the women who suffer from them. Take, for example, the problem of a fishy vaginal odor. This is a problem for many women suffering from recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Many women want to look for solutions to vaginal discharge odor, but are embarrassed to discuss their issues. Since bacterial vaginosis is usually not painful, many women suffer in silence. But, you don't have to live with this condition. There are ways to improve the symptoms of your bacterial vaginosis without having to take extreme measures.

Vaginal Odor Fishy Smell

If you're noticing a vaginal odor fishy smell, you may not do anything about it if it isn't accompanied by vaginal itching and burning. But the truth is that bacterial vaginosis rarely has any painful or really physically uncomfortable symptoms. There may be some mild discomfort, but it's pretty tame compared to other feminine issues that could arise. The most common signs of bacterial vaginosis are:

- Fishy vaginal odor
- Clear, grayish or milky vaginal discharge
- Increased discharge after sexual intercourse

If you see any of these symptoms, but don't experience any pain or swelling, then you may have bacterial vaginosis.

Fishy Smelling Vaginal Odor

One of the reasons why this condition has a fishy vaginal odor, and rarely causes pain or swelling, is because of the causes of bacterial vaginosis. Pain and swelling are typically symptoms traditionally linked to bacterial infections. But bacterial vaginosis isn't really an infection. It's not the result of foreign bacteria infecting your body. It's actually the result of a bacterial overgrowth in your vaginal flora. If any of the bacteria in your vaginal flora begin to grow out of control, it could result in the fishy smelling vaginal odor ( that is indicative of bacterial vaginosis.

A Counterintuitive Solution

This is why one of the best solutions for helping this fishy vaginal odor is probiotics vaginosis.* It may seem counterintuitive to address a bacterial condition with a probiotic, but it usually provides relief.* Since these probiotics introduce bacteria into your system that are meant to help keep the overproducing bacteria under control, they can help restore natural balance.* By supporting the body's natural defenses against this kind of overgrowth, you can improve your symptoms without having to introduce any harsh chemicals into your system, or compromising the balance of your natural vaginal flora.* You can maintain a healthy vagina and help that embarrassing odor from coming back.*

Some examples of probiotics for women include Nutraelle FemCare, Fem-Dophilus, and Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support.

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Ellen Smyth has written many articles about the causes of bacterial vaginosis. If you are experiencing a vaginal discharge odor or perhaps vaginal itching and burning, then probiotics may be able to help remedy your symptoms.